Public Safety

Public safety networks are specialized wireless communication systems used by emergency services groups. They provide reliable, stable agency and interagency communications which is key in emergency situations.

Public safety networks operate on many frequency bands, VHF, UHF, and broadband wireless (cellular/WiFi). Maser has a large portfolio of network components (antennas, cables, connectors, filters, combiners, design and test tools) supporting these types of networks.

Microlab has a 70 year history in Mission Critical Communications. Our reputation and commitment to quality and performance is second to none. Microlab passive components cover all of the Public Safety/Transportation/Utility frequencies with products ranging from DC through 6 GHz and we were one of the first companies to understand and define the impact of PIM on these infrastructure systems. Microlab has built on that experience to introduce a new integrated solution specifically designed to monitor the network status of Public Safety communications systems. This solution features enhanced monitoring and reporting capabilities that are ideal for both new and existing networks.

Microlab offers a wide variety of reliable RF passive components suited for DAS, Wi-Fi and Small Cell deployments. They are ideal for enterprise and public solutions supporting all major commercial wireless and public safety bands including UHF/VHF & 700/800 MHz. Our trusted products help provide full coverage and increase capacity across independent and/or coexistent mobile radio and cellular networks.

Sinclair’s products have a reputation for high performance, reliability, durability and value. Sinclair’s high-quality antennas and RF signal conditioning products have been widely deployed in a full range of mission critical communication networks to provide emergency and secure communication service in public safety fields including Fire, Medical, Police and other government agencies.

At Sinclair we strive to exceed customer expectations. Sinclair’s system engineering team can design products tailored to your specific needs including custom designed antennas and filter products to fit into small spaces and covert applications or remote locations to provide critical communications availability.

OH&S Equipment


Wavecontrol is an engineering company with over 25 years experience specialising in the measurement of electromagnetic fields. They design and develop professional instruments for measurement, monitoring and evaluation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Wavecontrol is certified as an ISO 9001 company and their calibration laboratory (LabCal Wavecontrol) is ENAC accredited and recognised in most countries around the world through the ILAC network. All devices manufactured by Wavecontrol are delivered standard with ISO 17025 accredited individual calibration at no extra cost, as a further indication of their commitment to quality and reliable measurement. Since they have their own R&D department, they seek the most innovative solutions for their customers.



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