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MatSing delivers unmatched wireless network performance in outdoor locales and marquee indoor venues via our innovative and patented RF lens antenna technology to ensure best-in-class user experience.

Since 2005, MatSing has pioneered and advanced the Lens Antenna technology to provide an innovative way of delivering advanced coverage and capacity in mobile and fixed wireless networks. Over the past 17 years since introducing the world’s first lightweight multibeam lens antennas, our team has perfected the technology to now deliver the highest capacity and scalability with a single antenna supporting up to 48 radios in a multi-band environment. Deployed globally in outdoor macro and various indoor settings, our lens antennas are a game-changer delivering high-bandwidth connectivity with industry-leading data throughput. Our lens antennas outperform other antenna types, including phased-array (panel) and dish antennas, while being much more economical than under-the-seat antennas.

MatSing Lens Antenna Portfolio

Multi-Band Lens Antenna

Multi-Band Lens Antennas

Future-proof, multi-band antennas ideal for macros, fixed wireless, stadiums, venues & events.

Large Sphere Antenna

Large Sphere Antennas

High-Capacity, Multi-Band Antennas ideal for macros, venues & events.

Single Beam Antenna

Single Beam Antennas

Lightweight & Single Band Lens Antennas, Easy to Mount and Install, in venues and buildings.

Light Pole Antenna

Light Pole Antennas

6-Sector, Dual Band, Easy to Mount Lens Antennas for dense urban and high traffic area deployments.


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