Macro Antennas

Altaflex beside standard three sector masts

Alpha Wireless is an Irish company with over 12 years’ experience designing and manufacturing 3.5GHz – capable antenna solutions. They have pioneered pseudo-omni, small cell, panel/beamforming, concealment and tri-sector/canisters in both 2.5 and 3.5 GHz to help increase capacity in existing LTE networks and prepare for future 5G networks.

Alphas White Paper: Exploring 3.5GHz

Alpha Wireless Global Leader in CBRS

Passion to Connect – Multi-Band & Ultra-Broadband Antennas

Ericsson is a leading international specialist for reliable, high- quality communication technologies. Ericsson is an innovation and technology leader in today’s connected world. Ericsson’s ability to provide solutions and systems enables people all over the world to communicate, access information and use media, whether at home, at the office or on the road. Ericsson cover a broad spectrum: from outdoor and indoor mobile communication solutions, to satellite reception, broadband and broadcast technology, to transmission and reception systems in vehicles.

Ericsson’s macro antenna features and benefits are:

  • Significant CAPEX reduction through just one antenna in type approvals, logistics, installation and service upgrades
  • Considerable reduction in OPEX thanks to reduced site/mast rental fees and best-in-class reliability
  • Sophisticated antenna design for all networks – today and in the future
  • Just one antenna for multiple wireless technologies
  • Individual electrical downtilt adjustment per band
  • Different half-power beamwidths available
  • Various antennas for MIMO applications

For more information on Ericsson’s range of macro antennas and accessories please click below:
Ericsson’s 2016 Mobile Base Station and Accessories Catalog (50MB)
Ericsson’s Macro Antenna Brochure

Base Station Panel Antennas

Amphenol Antenna Solutions (including Jaybeam) offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of mobile antennas on the market .In addition to antennas, Amphenol also offers an assortment of Filters, Mast Head Amplifiers and Tri-Sector antenna enclosures.

Amphenol Antenna Solutions product suite includes:

  • BTS antennas – fixed, adjustable, 2-way, tri-sector, log periodics, omnis and more.
  • Cylindrical Antennas – One, two and three-sector antennas inside a small, low visual impact cylindrical enclosure. Discretely deployed as flag poles, roof-top vents, street lamps or telephone poles.

For more information and datasheets covering Amphenol’s extensive product range click here.


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