Indoor / Outdoor DAS

Passive and Active DAS Solutions

With the increasing voice traffic, data and images via wireless mobile devices, also generates demand for signal coverage solutions indoors especially in large commercial projects such as shopping malls, condominiums, hotels, restaurants, airports and more.

The Rosenberger Domex has solutions that span the entire project design, with turn-key delivery capacity (site survey, design, installation, testing: VSWR, Walk Test and PIM, and at the end of the preparation of the final draft – as-built ) and also supplying equipment to the activation of the indoor coverage network of the passive components as complete for the antenna distribution system, calledDAS – Distributed antenna System.

Rosenberger DAS solutions cover GSM, WCDMA, LTE and Wi-Fi applications ranging from 698 MHz to 2700MHz. They comprise of fiber optic master and remote unit repeaters (for active DAS), point-of-interface (POI) signal combining racks, IBS antennas, passive components (splitters, couplers, hybrids, attenuators), fiber optic cable assemblies, and RF coaxial cables and jumpers.

RADiAnt, which stands for Rosenberger Active DAS with integrated Antenna, is our next generation distributed antenna system (DAS) platform designed to address the requirements of LTE-Advanced. It features a distributed architecture of compact remote radio units that supports multiple mobile operators for neutral hosting applications, multiple frequency bands and technologies – 4G LTE, 3G WCDMA, and 2G GSM/GPRS. The Integrated Remote Unit (IRU) features a slim integrated antenna along with a hybrid DC-Fiber feed for ease of installation and eliminates the need for traditional passive DAS components and unsightly or unwieldy coaxial feeder cables. With “Connect and Go” simplicity, the RADiAnt solution can be designed and installed in a fraction of the time compared with conventional Active/Hybrid DAS solutions. RADiAnt is also supported by Rosenberger’s Operations Maintenance Center (OMC) which provides remote NMS/EMS monitoring, control and configuration capabilities.

In many scenarios, a combination of traditional passive DAS and the high performance RADiAnt solutions are needed, such as using cost effective passive DAS for basement carpark coverage and the RADiAnt for robust high data rate mobile coverage in high rise offices and capacity hotspots. The SMART DAS solution can address these multiple needs on a single DAS platform. In addition to simultaneously supporting both DAS platforms, the SMART DAS can also provide dynamic capacity routing for temporary capacity surge in any area within the DAS network. The modular structure also provides capacity scalability and future proof on a “pay as you need” add on. Off-air repeaters can also be used as a cost effective solution to implement a small DAS system for basement car park coverage , or a small Pico repeater for a small office or shop, or in places where the traffic does not justify the use of a base station as the signal source.

Rosenberger DAS systems have been proven to provide robust mobile connectivity and have been successfully deployed in airports, metros, stadiums, shopping centres, and campuses throughout the world.

Please contact Maser for more information on Rosenberger’s range of DAS solutions.


iBwave, the global in-building standard, serves over 1,000 leading telecommunication companies in more than 90 countries worldwide, with innovative indoor wireless solutions. Our leading software suite empowers operators, system integrators, enterprises and OEMs to provide optimum network coverage and capacity inside buildings.

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Low PIM Compression Connectors

Many of the largest mobile network operators are turning to JMA’s unique universal compression connectors, which utilize a patented active compression technology that eliminates PIM, installs in 1 minute and guarantees long term reliability.  With these robust solutions, MNOs are able to significantly lower operational costs yet still meet the growing coverage and capacity needs.

“It takes only hours to train a new recruit to install JMA Wireless universal compression connectors and the results are outstanding. With traditional connectors it takes several weeks to achieve the same level of training and due to the nature of the connection you just can’t guarantee an acceptable result.” – Onsite Industry Contractor

Click on the following link for a Technical Overview of JMA Compression Connectors or contact Maser regarding your specific requirements.

Eupen’s radiating cables, sold under the brand name EUCARAY®, allow very homogeneous, uninterrupted and reliable radio communication in confined areas. EUCARAY® cables offer the best transmission characteristics and are the optimal choice for the needs of modern and demanding radio communication systems as VHF, emergency services (TETRA), railway (GSM-R), mobile radio to LTE (MIMO), WLAN and 5G.

EUCARAY® cables with patented slot design offer first-class transmission characteristics thanks to optimized coupling loss and low longitudinal attenuation.

Radiating cables are usually used where conventional radio communication with antennas is difficult or impossible. Especially in communication systems where an antenna does not provide sufficient coverage or cannot be used due to lack of space. The field of application of radiating cables is therefore often referred to as “confined area”. Due to their design and radiation characteristics, the radio coverage of radiating cables is limited to the area in their direct environment.

Typical applications for radiating cables are today road, metro and railway tunnels, mines, buildings and underground car parks, oil platforms, warehouses and logistics centres as well as wind power plants. They are also being used more and more in industrial automation, in aircrafts, in ships, in trains and in control and measurement environments such as clean rooms.

Sinclair offers integrated solutions for all your wireless needs. From design through to the manufacturing process they follow the highest standards in quality and innovation. Their products cover greater than 1 GHz, 800 MHz, UHF, VHF, TETRA, 5G and other bands. Whether you are looking for a single antenna or a complete system Sinclair has it all. Sinclair offers more than 2,000 different products including Base Station Antennas, Mobile/Transit Antennas, Covert Antennas, 5G Antennas, Filters, Receiver Multicouplers, and Accessories. Sinclair also specialize in developing custom products and systems as per the customer’s unique specifications.


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