Over the years, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) have become a critical component of the networks of carriers, who rely on such systems to improve signal strength, network capacity and coverage to mobile users in crowded venues or in buildings. Enterprise infrastructure, such as indoor IoT ecosystems also rely on in-building DAS to work effectively.

With around 80% of the world’s mobile traffic originating or terminating indoors, carriers must ensure that their networks are able to seamlessly hand off between outdoor cell towers and indoor networks to ensure uninterrupted services to end users.

Til-Tek’s extensive range of DAS antennas, splitters and couplers will be sure to provide a solution for the DAS needs of mobile operators, businesses, and site owners.

Depending on your network needs, your DAS setup will vary. Til-Tek’s DAS antennas provide maximum efficiency and coverage while reducing power and space requirements, and can be consolidated into active DAS, passive DAS, hybrid DAS and digital DAS setups.

Get the most out of your DAS platform by integrating Til-Tek antennas into your setup.


DAS (Distributed Antenna System) consists of a network of antennas that are spaced separately and connected to a common source that is able to provide wireless and radio coverage within buildings. Uninterrupted inbuilding coverage is critical for daily business and personal communications, as well as in emergency response. Sinclair provides all the needs to support these advanced in-building communication systems. Partner with Sinclair Technologies for DAS installation in buildings where confined areas require radio coverage for single or multiple services.

Sinclair’s high-performance UHF in-building antennas are low profile and ground plane independent, featuring an inconspicuous design that blends into any environment. Their high efficiency, low-PIM rating, and wideband characteristics ensure optimal performance. These antennas feature LSZH (low-smoke and halogen-free) cables which are plenum rated and a fire-retardant radome rated at UL94-V0, to comply with the most stringent in-building fire regulations globally.

Sinclair’s DAS Solution is an industry-leading communication system with reliable and durable design features that cater to in-building communication needs and specifications, as well as suitable for mission critical operations and public safety applications.

Microlab offers a wide selection of wireless infrastructure products ranging from RF and microwave components for radio base-stations, to solutions for distributed antenna systems (DAS), in-building architecture, as well as wireless components for military and medical applications. Microlab’s RF components share unique capabilities in the area of broadband frequency coverage, combined with minimal loss and very low PIM.

Microlab also offers: neutral host DAS and co-siting combiner solutions, hybrid couplers and hybrid matrices, attenuators, RF terminations, RF power splitter and diplexers, also known as cross band couplers, as well as RF signal conditioners and broadband combiner boxes for DAS deployments.

Contact Maser for more information.

RFS’ end-to-end DAS portfolio includes the company’s world-renowned CELLFLEX® coax cables, RADIAFLEX® radiating cables and plenum-rated cables, as well as broadband and ultra-broadband antennas, and high-performance components. All solution elements are designed and proven to work seamlessly together to simplify and accelerate deployments in buildings and tunnels.

RFS DragonSkin™, the first and only in-building coaxial cable to receive UL 2196 certification with no metal conduit, extensive wrapping or fire-resistant enclosure. The half-inch DragonSkin cable is thinner, safer, more flexible, and lighter weight than any other in-building coax cable with this level of fire resistance.

RFS RADIAFLEX radiating cables and CELLFLEX coaxial cables that meet all major international flame- and fire-retardancy standards and achieved the top Construction Products Regulation (CPR) rating of B2ca with a d0 droplets rating.

The world’s first pair of ultra-broadband radiating cables for cross-polarized 2×2, 4×4 and higher MIMO applications. These cables set a new world record for download speeds in tunnels with a 4×4 MIMO solution for the Follo Line high-speed railway project that reached 560 Mbps.

RFS ClearFill®Line plenum-rated cables that meet the requirements for safe use within the “environmental air handling space” in ceilings as well as in more traditional plenum applications.

Compact and lightweight omnidirectional, panel, directional and bidirectional in-building antennas that discreetly deliver all cellular, radio and Wi-Fi services, and support 4×4 MIMO applications.

A complete family of passive system components that provide optimal PIM performance to reduce interference and support the highest possible throughput levels end-to-end.

RFS is continually updating its passive DAS portfolio to meet requirements globally. The company expects to offer passive DAS components that enable high-quality and cost-effective operation in all frequency bands from 617 MHz to 4.2 GHz in the near future.

To simplify passive DAS solution design, all RFS passive DAS solution elements are available in the iBwave and Ranplan components databases.

Passive and Active DAS Solutions

With the development of modern wireless communication technologies, mobile communications networks are deployed requiring wideband universal passive components. Rosenberger supplies a complete range of passive components for wireless Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for in-building coverage such as splitters, combiners, termination loads, attenuators, and antennas.  Easy to install, Rosenberger DAS components ensure reliable, high quality and low PIM operation.

Rosenberger DAS solutions cover GSM, WCDMA, LTE and Wi-Fi applications ranging from 698 MHz to 2700MHz. They comprise of fiber optic master and remote unit repeaters (for active DAS), point-of-interface (POI) signal combining racks, IBS antennas, passive components (splitters, couplers, hybrids, attenuators), fiber optic cable assemblies, and RF coaxial cables and jumpers.

RADiAnt, which stands for Rosenberger Active DAS with integrated Antenna, is our next generation distributed antenna system (DAS) platform designed to address the requirements of LTE-Advanced. It features a distributed architecture of compact remote radio units that supports multiple mobile operators for neutral hosting applications, multiple frequency bands and technologies – 4G LTE, 3G WCDMA, and 2G GSM/GPRS. The Integrated Remote Unit (IRU) features a slim integrated antenna along with a hybrid DC-Fiber feed for ease of installation and eliminates the need for traditional passive DAS components and unsightly or unwieldy coaxial feeder cables. With “Connect and Go” simplicity, the RADiAnt solution can be designed and installed in a fraction of the time compared with conventional Active/Hybrid DAS solutions. RADiAnt is also supported by Rosenberger’s Operations Maintenance Center (OMC) which provides remote NMS/EMS monitoring, control, and configuration capabilities.

In many scenarios, a combination of traditional passive DAS and the high-performance RADiAnt solutions are needed, such as using cost effective passive DAS for basement carpark coverage and the RADiAnt for robust high data rate mobile coverage in high rise offices and capacity hotspots. The SMART DAS solution can address these multiple needs on a single DAS platform.

Rosenberger DAS systems have been proven to provide robust mobile connectivity and have been successfully deployed in airports, metros, stadiums, shopping centres, and campuses throughout the world.


Please contact Maser for more information on Rosenberger’s range of DAS solutions.

As the world grows ever more dependent on mobile wireless technology, owners of venues like stadiums, skyscrapers, and subways repeatedly choose JMA Wireless TEKO™ Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to stay connected. Our TEKO™ platform delivers maximum performance, supporting multiple operators, with the flexibility to adapt coverage and capacity in any venue on an event-by-event basis. In combination with our XRAN® virtualized RAN software, the TEKO™ platform serves as an intelligent RF distribution system optimizing spectrum efficiency and empowering venue owners.

The JMA Wireless TEKO™ DAS platform is a multi-band, multi-operator architecture that provides a wide range of flexible and reliable solutions for cellular coverage and capacity distribution. Today’s venues need to consider multi-operator solutions to satisfy all their visitors, employees, and fans and their multiple devices requiring cellular service. Our DAS platform saves time and money by delivering multiple operators, bands, and technologies to the remote units all on a single strand of fiber optic cable.


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