NSC3 C2 Software

NSC3™: Empowering Tactical Command and Control

Unlock the Power of Seamless Communication and Real-Time Data Sharing

NSC3™ is a state-of-the-art tactical Command and Control (C2) system that revolutionizes operational efficiency and situational awareness. Empower authorized personnel with secure real-time communication, data sharing, and seamless coordination.

Fastest Video Engine

NSC3™ incorporates the fastest video engine on the market, enabling smooth and real-time video streaming from a wide range of sources. Stream and store secured live data from drones, mobile phones, body-worn cameras, dashboard cameras, and surveillance cameras, providing operators with instant visual information for improved situational awareness.

Seamless Data Sharing​

NSC3™ enables secure and efficient data sharing between operators in the field and control rooms. Whether it’s sharing real-time video feeds, exchanging critical information, or collaborating through chat functionalities, NSC3™ ensures seamless communication and data transfer, fostering effective decision-making across the operational network.

Compatibility and Flexibility

NSC3™ is a software-based solution that eliminates the need for expensive hardware or complex integration projects. It is compatible with a wide range of commercial and government-issued off-the-shelf devices, allowing personnel to leverage their everyday devices for seamless connectivity and data access.

Comprehensive Suite of Applications

NSC3™ offers a suite of powerful applications tailored to meet the diverse needs of tactical operations. The NSC Webapp provides a user-friendly interface for control room operators to access and manage real-time data streams. NSC Mobile extends the capabilities to mobile devices, enabling personnel in the field to stay connected and informed. NSC Drone integrates with drone systems, providing aerial insights and real-time video feeds. NSC IoT facilitates the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, enabling operators to leverage sensor data for enhanced situational awareness.

NSC3™ empowers organizations to elevate their tactical command and control capabilities, facilitating efficient communication, seamless data sharing, and real-time decision-making.

With its intuitive interfaces, compatibility with diverse devices, and robust features, NSC3™ is the ultimate solution for optimizing operational performance and achieving mission success.

ValoR™: Empowering Real-Time AI Analytics for Enhanced Video Monitoring

ValoR™ revolutionizes real-time video monitoring and analysis. With advanced machine learning, ValoR™ can detect and analyze unlimited events simultaneously, providing valuable insights for enhanced situational awareness.

Fastest Video Engine

ValoR™ employs a powerful analytics engine that can monitor unlimited video feeds in real time. It enables organizations to detect specific shapes and identify movements for applications like crowd control. Additionally, ValoR™ offers audio analysis capabilities to detect threats, convert speech to text, and more.

Flexible Machine Learning Models

ValoR™ is built on a versatile machine-learning framework that supports the execution of a wide variety of existing and evolving models. Users have the freedom to choose and deploy their preferred models, allowing for customization and adaptability to specific monitoring needs. The system also accommodates the simultaneous use of multiple models, ensuring higher accuracy and the ability to monitor diverse events simultaneously.

Seamless Integration

ValoR™ seamlessly integrates with any video source, enabling organizations to harness the power of automatic monitoring and analysis across their entire video ecosystem. NSC3™ ensures that all video sources are converted to the appropriate format for efficient analysis, eliminating compatibility concerns and streamlining the deployment process.

Scalability and Reliability

ValoR™ offers unmatched scalability, enabling organizations to monitor any number of video feeds with ease. By incorporating redundancy and quality control measures, ValoR™ ensures system accuracy and increases operational resilience, empowering organizations to build robust video monitoring solutions.

With ValoR™, organizations gain unprecedented capabilities to extract valuable insights from video data, enabling them to proactively identify and respond to critical events in real time.

By leveraging the power of AI analytics, ValoR™ enhances situational awareness, strengthens security measures, and improves decision-making processes.

Discover the full potential of intelligent video analysis with ValoR™, and elevate your organization’s monitoring capabilities to new heights.

LiveLink™: Empowering Collaborative Tactical Operations

LiveLink™ revolutionizes real-time collaboration and information sharing during tactical operations. With simple links, LiveLink™ enables seamless participation, enhancing situational awareness and decision-making.

Instant Information Sharing​

With LiveLink™, organizations and civilians with no pre-installed application can instantly share live video streams, images, and location data with relevant stakeholders, enabling them to gain real-time insights and make informed decisions.

Cross-Platform Collaboration​​​

LiveLink™ supports integration with various devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, ensuring compatibility and accessibility across different operating systems and platforms.​

Secure and Controlled Access​

LiveLink™ provides robust security measures, allowing organizations to control access to sensitive information and ensure that only authorized individuals can join and participate in tactical operations.​

Discover how LiveLink™ can transform your tactical operations by enabling seamless collaboration, real-time information sharing, and accelerated decision-making.

Harness the potential of this cutting-edge solution and unlock new levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and situational awareness in your operations.


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