Field Power


At Galvion, we believe in human-centered innovation, and are passionately committed to providing leading-edge solutions and equipment that enhance the overall agility and survivability of the modern warfighter and tactical operator.

We design, develop and deliver protective armor and head systems, as well as intelligent power and data management solutions. We engineer performance enhancing products with the capabilities, comfort and style that operators need today, while continuously investing in the development of advanced concept, integrated systems that will be critical to meet the challenges of tomorrow and beyond


With its built-in intelligent power management software, the SPM can power devices, manage energy sources and charge up to five batteries simultaneously, without any manual reconfiguration or reprogramming. A true plug-and-play solution, the SPM keeps your equipment up and running when it matters most.

  • Compact & lightweight – easily body-worn or carried
  • Eliminates the need for generators, power bars and extra batteries
  • Automatically converts voltage to ensure the right power goes to each connected device
  • Clear, simple display provides in-use charging and powering snapshot
  • Data-logging enables accurate future mission planning
  • USAF certified safe-to-fly


Built to withstand the harsh conditions of expeditionary operations, the MAX-8 can draw power from virtually any source and can charge different types of batteries simultaneously. Lightweight and rugged, this charging system simplifies logistics and enhances operational capability – so troops can focus on their mission, not their batteries.

  • Plug-in adapter cups quickly connect to different battery types in a single step- without any user programing required
  • Smart battery charging prioritizes and tops off fullest battery first
  • Simultaneously charges different types of batteries quicker and more efficiently than other military grade battery chargers
  • Used and trusted by troops around the world, including segments of the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, first responder teams, and commercial users
  • Impact resistant and waterproof to ensure reliable operation in austere environments
  • Operating temperature of -13°F (-25ºC) to 140°F (60ºC)


The DBC is a switch mode charger with universal input voltage. It offers 3-step charge control with current detection as charge termination and protection against reverse polarity and short circuit. Includes LED status indicator and is ideal for charging conformal wearable batteries and our SoloPack™ and SoloPack™ ll. Adapter kits are available to support a variety of international AC power formats.

  • Recharge batteries quickly
  • Compact dimensions: L 5.3″ (135mm) x W 3.2″ (80mm) x H 1.7″ (44mm)
  • 1.65lbs (750g)
  • Operating temperature range: -13°F (-25°C) to 104°F (40°C)
  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States


GALVION SOLAR PANELS are lightweight, durable, and extremely portable. They can be carried in the rucksack, and quickly recharge batteries, greatly reducing the weight and expense of batteries needed in the field. Multiple charging adapters to fit your needs and charge a wide range of devices. Available output ranges from 20W to 280W and 12V to 32V, depending on a soldier or squadron’s needs.

  • Made with durable, military-grade materials to withstand intense, rigorous use.
  • Tested to MIL-STD810G
  • Easy to deploy, easy to clean and easy to store
  • Provides power in all environmental, weather, and light conditions
  • Ability to daisy chain multiple panels for increased power requirements


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