Integrated Weapon Sensors


The SmarTak enabled SIOS-C11B is an enhanced buttstock with electronics, capable of analyzing user motion and transmitting PLI+ data to your Android device. SIOS-C11B is good for work in the field or training, you will enjoy the benefits of elegantly simple design features and ergonomic curves.


85 hrs of runtime (idle), 7000 mAh battery capacity
USB-C rechargable
GPS w/2m CEP
Bluetooth wireless transceiver

The VKIS SIOS-C11B model serves as a drop-in MIL-SPEC replacement buttstock for any carbines using an AR-15 type MIL-SPEC sized receiver extension tubes. With QD sling mounts accept any push-button sling swivel and an ergonomic pull tab that allows for quick deliberate action while preventing snags and unintentional activation. Length of pull 14.10 in. (extended) and 10.80 in. (collapsed). Electronics include Bluetooth, GPS, and a 9-DOF IMU.

SIOSC-11B is compatible with the SmarTak inForce TAK Plug-in.

Made in the USA.

Enhance your TAK Presence

SmarTak inForce TAK Plug-in along with SIOS-C on a weapon system send data over the network to the TAK ecosystem. This allows for any system in the TAK ecosystem to leverage the Cursor on Target (CoT) messages from the inForce TAK Plug-in.

From Arms Rooms to Machine Learning (ML) systems – leveraging the PLI+ means your system knows what user was shooting and what weapon and ammo they were using.


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