Real-time data acquisition is essential to mission-critical decision making. Live video enhances situational awareness as an integral component of the C5ISR battlefield

LASO™ is a two-part booster system that extends a MOHOC® Camera’s existing WiFi streaming distance up to 10 times the stand-alone camera, line of sight up to 200m/650ft

The transmitter unit accompanies the operator with the MOHOC® Camera; while the pre-paired viewer unit stays with those viewing the video on MOHOC’s iOS and Android apps. To optimize video transmission distance, image quality, and latency, a single MOHOC® Camera connects to each LASO™ pair.

LASO™ requires no cables and is water resistant. It is MOLLE compatible to be easily body-worn or stored in a backpack.

Small, rugged, and easy-to-use, LASO™ is a rapidly deployed system that requires nothing more than turning on the equipment and opening the app.

LASO™ is the ideal Tactical Video Transmitter for both training and live operations where short-range video streaming is required. The many use-case scenarios include EOD, K9, room clearing, riot control, surveillance, and training to name a few.


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