Maser Defence are an Australian re-seller of DroneShield’s world leading man portable CUAS capabilities.


Wearable AI-Enabled Multi-Mission Detection Tool – See Without Being Seen

RfPatrol is a highly versatile, completely passive/non-emitting wearable UAS detection device. The device offers the user real situational awareness without distraction or complex operation. It has been designed to be highly effective for a variety of operators in a range of demanding environments. The RfPatrol device automatically detects drones moving at any speed.

The RfPatrol can be operated in two modes, ‘Stealth’ and ‘Glimpse’, allowing the user to control how they receive alerts.

The device is supported by easy to install, remote updates that allow the operator to keep their devices database up to date with the changing threat environment.


Vehicle, Ship and Fixed Site C-UAS Detect-and-Defeat

DroneSentry-X is a cross-vehicle compatible, automated 360° detect and defeat device. It provides 360° awareness and protection using integrated sensors to detect and disrupt UAS moving at any speed – suitable for mobile operations, on site surveillance and on the move missions.

The robust compact unit can be mounted to standard vehicle roof racks or other fixed applications on a mast or tower. Alternatively it can be deployed at a fixed site or as a temporary pop-up solution, with on site or remote operator access.

The DroneSentry-X offers users real-time situational awareness and ability to respond to UAS and threats detected by the system. With operator access through an included digital control panel and mountable display – users can control, access and view real-time data and live map of local UAS activity. DroneSentry-X defeat capabilities can be automatically or manually set to counter and disrupt UAS activity within range.

DroneShield’s C-UAS defeat capabilities do not involve protocol manipulation or “cyber” tactics, given the limitations of those methods. Our defeat technologies offer non-kinetic jamming for controlled management of response to threats.


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