Brought to you from our partners at Fenix Group, Inc. Godsend is a physiological response monitoring app built into ATAK, which can monitor;
Core Body Temperature
Heart Rate
Pulse Oximetry
MIL ATAK Callsign
and Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) all at once.

Other features include:
Auto generates and broadcasts CoT message which is updated when a persons vitals change
CoT marker CALLSIGN displayed as a sensor along with default marker
Vitals last updated time confirmation

Paired with the Garmin Tactix Delta and Core Body Temperature Sensor this near turn key solution is assembled ready to go on arrival. It will work with any TAK enabled EUD to provide SA on your personnel where they are on the network, whether in the TOC or as a medic in the field, know the status of your people, Train, Fight, Win.

For more information or to book in a demonstration contact us directly at [email protected]