Visit the Cobham stand; Hall 1, L21, to see some of the antennas featured below.

Multi-Element Antennas
Cobham’s GD2049 comprises two VHF elements and one UHF element in a single antenna.
Developed from the existing GD2039, the GD2049 reduces the number of antenna mounting points required on a vehicle using easily replaceable elements.
VHF/UHF isolation is better than 40dB. VHF/VHF isolation is better than 20dB.

Low profile rugged TacSat antenna
Cobham’s new 5000-9011 is a ruggedised, ground plane independent TacSat antenna designed to work with satellites at low angles of elevation, typically 10°.
With a diameter of 420mm and a height of only 205mm, the antenna is easy to locate on a vehicle.
Its built-in ground plane makes it ground plane independent of the vehicle it is mounted on which in turn means it can be mounted on an available space without loss of performance.

‘Eggbeater’ TacSat antenna
Cobham Trivec’s AV2091 antenna was originally designed for use on helicopters.
Its lightweight ‘eggbeater’ design reduces the chances of the antenna snagging on obstacles while in use, making it suitable for ground vehicle applications.

Coat-pocket antenna
Cobham Trivec’s AV2125 TacSat antenna’s small size and light weight make it easy to transport. Setting it up is a simple matter of unfolding the elements (a process taking seconds) and the antenna is ready for use.

For more information about any of the above antennas, please contact Maser Defence at [email protected]

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