Maser Defence and Cobham Antenna Systems will be exhibiting at the upcoming MilCIS 2016 Conference in Canberra from 8th-10th Nov on Booth 56.

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Maser will be showcasing the following products;

Trivec Antennas

We will have representative products from the Trivec range on the booth.
New for 2016 are the MUOS variants of some in-service antennas.
These include the AV2055-13 which adds MUOS to on-the-pause operations while the AV2091-11 UHF/MUOS model remains the only eggbeater certified to fly on US Army helicopters as well as land vehicles.

Deployable Healthcare

The SCOTTY Group supports deployable and remote healthcare for many clients, including the International Space Station. Through their work with DLR in Germany, SCOTTY has experience of supporting many types of remote and deployable healthcare solutions including tele-x-ray, tele-dermatology and tele-dentistry.

Dependable and Scalable UPS

Solar Stik™ provides reliable power systems for three letter agencies in the US, and has supported the US military for many years.In an emergency, its about more than just keeping the lights on. The Solar Stik™ UPS-X keeps people alive in the field by keeping communication networks online.

Visit us to find out more about these and other solutions from Maser Defence.