Cobham Antenna Systems Link16 antennas remain a customer favourite 10 years since their inception. During that time over 500 antennas have been sold and deployed in over 30 countries.
Throughout the past decade, there have been no known in-service failures which is a testament to the antennas quality, reliability and durability.
The Link16 range consists of 14 extended performance, broadband omni and sector antennas and filters designed for terrestrial and naval Link16 systems for communications with airborne platforms.
The Link16 protocol uses frequency bands that cover 960-1215MHz.The systems can be incorporated into MIDS Terminals, JTRS and JTID systems for high data rate transmission.
The most popular antenna in the Link16 range is the XV07-960-1215/1120 which is a high gain, robust omni antenna designed for mobile and fixed ground installations and which weighs just 2.5kgs. (See picture to the left)
All Link16 antennas have been used in battlefield conditions and are designed for extreme weather and temperatures.
For more information on our Link16 antennas and their capabilities, please contact us at [email protected] or click on the link below to view Cobham’s Link16 brochure.