Masers partner SCOTTY is happy to announce that they are working with a helicopter fleet owner to provide beyond line-of-sight airborne telemedicine and transmission of surveillance video. Together, SCOTTY and the fleet owner will introduce MI-8 helicopters with SCOTTY equipment to the United Nations for peace keeping and humanitarian missions throughout the world.
SCOTTY will also be providing ground equipment for the regional headquarters and participating hospitals. The solution comprises of the SCOTTY Communication Platform (SCP) connected to an Inmarsat satellite antenna offering two IP channels of up to 432 kbps from the air.
The HD surveillance video from the helicopter’s camera turret is compressed by the SCP’s hardware codec before being transmitted via satellite. The tele-medical setup includes the SCP connected to vital signs equipment and onboard interactive audio/visual equipment. Because the SCP comprises of both processor and video codec in one unit, each helicopter equipped with the SCOTTY solution can transmit and receive live audio, video, and data for any application.
On the ground, SCOTTY equipment is connected to the IP network (if available) and roof or portable satellite equipment.
The SCOTTY beyond line-of-sight communication solution, with its ability to offer live surveillance imagery to headquarters and receive vital medical support from doctors, will help fulfill the United Nations’ mandate to provide peace, security, and humanitarian aid to the regions of the world that most need it.
For more information on Scotty’s telemedicine and surveillance video equipment please click on the below presentations or email us at [email protected]