Maser will be featuring Trivec’s range of self-steering antenna systems at this year’s MilCIS event in Canberra.
Self-steering antennas provide a consistent satellite lock regardless of the host vehicles position. This delivers a consistently higher performance than is possible with traditional antenna designs.
Trivec’s range of self-steering antenna systems provide reliable on-the-move communications using Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) satellite channels as well as other dedicated channels.
The high-gain (9 dBiC) and automatic pointing capability of the AV2097 system make it perfect for use with hard-to-hit low-angle satellites. Even with low-angle satellites, communication integrity is maintained as the vehicle speeds and turns, climbs and slows.
Trivec’s range includes a number of profile and gain options. This allows performance profiles which optimise signal to-noise ratio and maximizes signal integrity for different vehicle requirements, even during high speeds and turns.
System features include:
• True on-the-move use of Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) channels
• 6 dBIC Gain @ Beam Max
• Control Unit stores up to 30 satellite profiles and is extremely easy to use
• Control Unit stores last-satellite-used information for immediate on-the-go quick start operation
• Minimum user interaction. Self-steering antenna auto-adjusts to speed and direction of vehicle
• Rugged and flexible – base spring and flexible element joints return antennas to position after object-strike.
• Open antenna profile reduces visual profile, optimizes gain and is easy to install and remove.
• Variable profiles available including low profile and enclosed radome.
• Easy on/Easy Off – does not have to be permanently fitted.
• Physical footprint is small compared with other steerable antennas.

For more information on Trivec’s self-steering antennas, please click on the information sheet below or alternatively email us at [email protected]. We hope to also see you for a full demonstration of this equipment at MilCIS – we will be located on booth 9.