Cobham’s GD2039 3 port VHF/UHF antenna provides communications in the frequency bands 30 MHz to 88 MHz and 420 MHz to 450 MHz, and is intended for use in ground vehicular installations.
The antenna offers two isolated ports suitable for use with VHF/SINCGARS (Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System) tactical radios. The third isolated port is suitable for use with Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS) applications.
The GD2039 is configured as a shunt fed EPLRS monopole surmounted by an elevated monopole to fulfil the VHF/SINCGARS function.
The EPLRS element is housed in a composite cylinder that is mounted onto an aluminium alloy baseplate. The VHF element is provided by the detachable, spring mounted whip, which is made up of two Glass Reinforced Plastic sections.
For more information on the antennas capabilities, please click on the data sheet below;