Alaris Antennas DF-A0048 is a compact, stationary and transportable high frequency (HF) direction finding (DF) antenna designed for DF systems using the Watson-Watt estimation method.
The antenna consists of two identical loop antennas arranged in a “crossed-loop” configuration, with a large diameter of 1.6 m to achieve a high sensitivity. The loops make use of Alaris’ innovative and patented cross-polarisation cancelling technology that eliminates disturbances due to cross-polarisation from on-horizon sources. This offers enhanced, reliable accuracy in real-world applications and field trials over traditional crossed-loop designs. In addition to the loops, the DF-A0048 provides an omni-directional sense signal that can be used for monitoring and resolving the 180 degree angle of arrival ambiguity that is inherent in crossed-loop type DF antennas.
The antenna is made from lightweight materials and designed to be collapsible for quick, easy and repetitive deployment and stowing in a harsh field environment. The product is unique in that it features a fully integrated quad pod for rapid field deployment but can also be bolted to a plinth for semi-permanent installations. When stowed, the antenna collapses into a very small form factor for easy transportation and storage.
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