Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas (formerly European Antennas Ltd) has developed a new directional antenna.

This new antenna, model FPA-0.4-2.7R/2023, is ultra wideband (400MHz to 2700MHz), has circular polarisation and 2 to 7dBi gain across the band. Dimensions are 502mm (19.76 inches) diameter and a depth of 77mm (3 inches). The protective radome is manufactured from a high impact, fire retardant material.

Developed for an airport application in New York, the antenna is required to support PMR and TETRA to Wireless LAN and WiFi communication systems, safely, securely and discreetly. Being directional, it is suited to being mounted high up providing a distinct ‘foot-print’ on the ground, a feature which allows for precise frequency re-use planning. The development of directional antennas complements the company’s existing omni antennas which cover similar bands. For more information on this product please contact us.