Customer Experience

KEYSIGHT NEMO ‘CEM’ – Professional Customer Experience Monitoring

Monitoring mobile services real-time from the customer perspective.

Nemo CEM Solution is a powerful, flexible, and scalable set of tools for monitoring wireless network performance and services from the end user-point of view. With the Nemo CEM Solution operators can easily and discreetly collect QoE data directly from their customers while they are using their smartphones. With the solution embedded on the customers’ smartphones, operators can more confidently guarantee a high quality of service, hence improving the quality of end-user experience.

Complete set of tools for CEM

  • Nemo Qmon provisioned and installed over the air (OTA) on commercial smartphones calculates KPIs based on the subscriber location, network scenario, and session criteria.
  • Nemo Qview server aggregates KPIs transferred via HTTP from one or a million of smartphones simultaneously. Dashboards and reports can be customised thanks to an easy-to-use back office tool allowing users to know in real-time exactly why, where, and what is happening.


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