Maser is hosting SoftAtHome this week throughout their Australian visit. Our partners since 2016, SoftAtHome is a French software company specialising in software solutions for connectivity and QoS/QoE analytics.

Based on a smart combination of embedded software and cloud-based intelligence, SoftAtHome proposes innovative responses to deliver network performance monitoring insights on both fixed and mobile (cellular/wifi) environments and multiple access technologies xDSL, FTTH, 4G, 5G…).

In this context, SoftAtHome proposes turnkey (CPE probe + software) and modular packaged solutions for innovative speed testing and precise latency measurements together with a unique network and service scoring capabilities allowing to collect, process and aggregate collected data for dashboards creation and broadcast of executive reports.

SoftAtHome currently works with many customers including Telecom Regulators, Infrastructure providers and Operators like Orange, Etisalat, KPN, Telkomsel, Swisscom, UNN in Brunei and Telstra to name a few.

Maser and SoftAtHome will be attending the Communications Day (CommsDay) Summit over the next two days and the Edison Awards dinner.
If you are interested in meeting and discussing what they do or how they can help with your current network testing solutions please reach out to Mario Contreras