Maser are excited to announce that together with our partner EMITE OTA test systems, we have been awarded a contract by the SKA Observatory to manufacture and supply a reverberation chamber for the SKA project in WA.

The SKAO is a global observatory that is building and operating cutting-edge radio telescopes to further our understanding of the Universe.

The SKA telescopes will be extremely sensitive and designed to detect faint radio signals from space.  All electrical equipment must be tested to verify that it does not ‘leak’ radio waves that would impede the detection of these signals from space. The reverberation chamber will be used to characterise the emissions from unshielded technologies and devices, and provide the detailed information needed to determine shielding requirements.

Maser look forward to working with SKAO and Emite to assemble and deploy the chamber in their WA Operations Centre in the coming year.

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Emite Press Release Oct 23