Maser’s partner Keysight have just released their latest update Nemo Outdoor 8.80 which includes enhanced 5G NR test features and support for several new Qualcomm and Samsung chipset-based 5G devices, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G and Sony Xperia 1 II 5G. Nemo Outdoor offers the widest range of 5G NR KPIs in the market and that offering has been further expanded in this release with KPIs, such as PDSCH and PUSCH spectrum efficiency, UL and DL NR-ARFCN point A, and DL residual BLER. In addition, with the updated statistical engine of Nemo Outdoor, it is possible to show many new KPI and event statistics in the Nemo Outdoor UI, such as the combined LTE and NR throughput views for MAC and PDSCH layers. For more info contact us [email protected]