Anite, a global leader in wireless network testing technology, have announced that they are launching a new, more powerful measurement field unit, the Nemo Explorer-4 as part of its broader Nemo Autonomous measurement solution. The Nemo Explorer-4 field unit incorporates four handsets and an uplink modem with continuous data connectivity to a remote server.

The Nemo Autonomous solution enables 24 hours a day, 7 days a week continuous measurements, benchmarking and collection of statistics. The solution reduces drive test costs significantly as a single user is able to remotely monitor and control numerous fixed and mobile field units.

“With our updated solution, operators and national regulators can now install measurement and benchmarking field units in fixed locations, in hotspots or vehicles and conduct continuous measurement of wireless networks. Remote control of the solution brings flexibility and efficiency into our customers’ measurement processes – directly streamlining OPEX,” says Jarno Siurua, Director, Handheld Products, at Anite Network Testing. “Our solution allows engineers to focus on the problem spots rather than on collecting the information, enabling a completely automated data-processing chain from the field to an open workbook with analysis results,” Jarno concludes.

The Nemo Autonomous solution consists of Nemo Explorer-4 measurement field unit containing four devices, Nemo Commander for remote control and Nemo analytics solutions for reporting and analysis.

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