Any organisation running a large IT network is contantly trying to keep up with the data tsunami as users demand more and more data, faster.

Maser NetworkiQ’s range of Network Traffic and Performance solutions provides valuable insights into network traffic, security and storage infrastructure. Customers are then empowered to intelligently manage data to achieve real efficiency gains and to improve user experience.


Sandvine: Service Innovation & Intelligence

Sandvine helps customers deliver exceptional personalized services and improve network performance by combining real-time contextual insights, customer quality of experience, and network visibility in convenient, pre-packaged use cases.

Maser and Sandvine have been partnering together in the Australia and New Zealand markets for well over 10 years serving a wide range of customers in markets including service providers, higher education and enterprise customers.

Maser is Sandvine’s only Select Partner in the region.

PowerStore 3.0

Actionable Intelligence

Active and passive intelligence enable immediate actions. These include: prioritizing and monitoring network traffic and services, quality of experience and congestion management, security and revenue assurance, and regulatory compliance.

Personalized Services and Innovation

Sandvine provides about 98% visibility into network traffic including users, applications, devices, demographics, location and other parameters – the best in the industry. This helps our customers create and deliver secure and personalized services based on contextual and behavioral insights.

PowerStore 3.0
PowerStore 3.0

Active Network Intelligence

The internet is changing on a daily basis and network operators are struggling to keep up with changes on three critical fronts: 

Maintaining accurate visibility of what actual traffic is on their network

Encryption renders most existing data collection methods ineffective. As the internet continues to go dark, a new approach is needed to maintain a high-level of network intelligence, but also to ensure accurate charging and sustained profitability for highly valuable services, especially zero-rating.

Understanding contextual performance between subscribers, their devices, and the services they consume

Running a profitable network requires a deep understanding of how critical services, such as video, gaming, and social sharing, are performing. However, most operators lack the context and the associated key performance indicators needed to truly determine quality of experience (QoE).

Scaling to meet performance and volumetric requirements

As video shifts to HD and 4K streaming, and cloud gaming begins to gain traction, bandwidth usage will explode from existing users with little to no additional ARPU. Meeting this challenge on the data plane requires a hyperscale software solution optimized to run on COTS hardware, whether bare metal, virtual, or cloud.

Why Choose Sandvine?

Sandvine’s comprehensive suite of DPI-based network intelligence solutions and pre-packaged, outcome-based use cases ensure operators can achieve differentiation and maximize ROI for CAPEX and OPEX. Sandvine is deployed in 100+ countries, serving over 2.5 billion subscribers by over 500 of the largest and most innovative network operators in the world.

“The granular network data that Sandvine provides us with, is essential for helping us run our numerous networks and our business as a whole, Sandvine helps us monitor service quality proactively, and take immediate action to improve our service.”
Bert Pelgrims, Director Connectivity & In Home, Telenet.

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Niagara Networks: Network Visibility

High-performance, high-reliability network visibility, and traffic delivery solutions.

Niagara Networks helps Service Providers and Enterprise Data Centres implement the most advanced visibility, monitoring and security solutions.

Niagara Networks™ network visibility solutions are installed in the world’s most prominent networks, empowering Security and Network Operations Centers (SOC/NOC) with end-to-end visibility and actionable traffic intelligence across physical and virtual networks.

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