Identity & Privilege Management

Identity and Privilege Management are at the heart of zero trust principles.

The Maser NetworkIQ solutions ensure that everyone (people and machines) have the access that they need to do their job but limit access to only the people who need it, when they need it, what they need it for and only for the least amount of time. Contextualising requests and managing those requests efficiently is key in stopping rogue actors getting in and having the lateral movement that can provide breaches.

PowerStore 3.0


Delinea’s Extended PAM enables comprehensive identity and access management across the full attack surface.

Delinea ensures scalability by treating identity as the common thread for authentication and applying policy-based authorisation to meet Zero trust and least privilege best practices.
To prevent identity/credential theft by increasing visibility and discovery across all identities
To establish controls over all privileged access to restrict unnecessary lateral movement
To limit privilege escalation by adapting access when and where needed with analytics-informed policies.

The Delinea PAM Maturity Model is a frame work to help you systematically lower risk, increase business agility, and improve operational efficiency.

Based on cybersecurity best practices, we’ve identified four phases that organisations progress through as they increase PAM expertise and adoption.
Phase 0:High Risk – recognise risk and plan for action
Phase 1: Foundational – gain visibility over attack surface and begin to reduce it.
Phase 2: Enhanced – expand PAM policies to reduce overprivileged users.
Phase 3: Adaptive – increase automation and intelligence for continuous improvement.


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PowerStore 3.0

Delinea Unlocked

  • Fully featured Privileged Access Management in the cloud
  • Fully featured scalable Privileged Access Management vault
  • Cloud-native platform lets you sign up and start right away
  • No hardware or infrastructure cost with PAM in the cloud
  • No provisioning, patching or maintenance overhead
  • Scalable as your PAM needs grow
  • Integrations marketplace for full visibility
  • Fully integrated with the Delinea Platform

But Delinea is much more…offering customers the ability to leverage a full platform offering;

PowerStore 3.0
  • Secure 3rd part Access
  • End point Management
  • Non-Human Entities (Kubernetes…)
  • Service Accounts and Lifecycle Management
  • JIT / Just enough access to critical infrastructure
  • Automated privilege management, reporting and analytics

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