As cellular technology starts its transition from LTE to 5G, Maser Technology Group is poised to play its role in facilitating 5G concepts to the market such as MIMO, beamforming and mmw (millimeter wave) communications.

This brings us to the introduction of the MATSING antenna for future needs of capacity as well as coverage for Telecom operators. Multibeam antennas have arrays of antenna elements referred to as beams. These beams can be modelled as independent antennas with their independent frequency, gain, polarisation and azimuth. The multibeam apertures have the capability to conjure multiple independent beams concurrently from a single aperture, which is why multibeam antennas cater for more mobile users thus increasing capacity and using different frequencies from the spectrum, helping to reduce interference as well as utilising the spectrum efficiently.  

Matsing antennas are MIMO enabled, and utilise the multi-path effects for transmission of high data throughput, rather than causing interference. The frequency bands from 698 MHz to 4 GHz can be adequately covered including the functionality of 2 x 2 MIMO, which is the hallmark of spherical lens design along with cross polarized beams, since with two spatial streams established, the data payload is divided across both antennas and transmitted over the same frequency band. This makes them excellent for deployment in areas with crowds like stadiums and venues. 

With the advent of mMIMO (massive MIMO) providing high beamforming gain which makes up the larger propagation loss in the higher frequency bands while also spatially multiplexing a larger number of data streams, the deployment of digital beamforming in massive MIMO antenna systems is a big challenge because of its complexity, energy consumption, and cost. With the ever-increasing demands from the mobile users and the network operators, Maser RF Solutions can provide antennas, jumpers, connectors, and associated RF hardware to ensure that market demands are met productively and proficiently.

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