Vodafone have announced that factory-made JMA external RF jumpers are now approved for unrestricted use in the Vodafone network.

JMA jumpers are the industry’s ONLY Laser Welded jumper. They have unmatched dynamic PIM performance at -160 db and the optical process ensures accurate and consistent fusion between the cable and connector.

Each JMA external RF jumper kit contains the coax jumper itself, integrated with the JMA Weather-Proofing System (WPS) and bird-proof covering.

Maser currently holds stock of both J-LB1DMCDMC-12-3M 2m low loss jumper birdproofed straight DIN M and J-LB1DMCDMC-12S-2.5M 2.5m superflex jumper birdproofed straight DIN M.

Please click here to view the Vodafone Engineering Bulletin, or to find out more about our jumpers and place an order please contact [email protected]