Tri-sector PIPE technology conceals multiple sector antennas inside a low diameter cylindrical housing helping to eliminate antenna clutter. The use of a single compact radome to house a full suite of antennas makes it the ideal solution when planning and zoning restrictions limit standard antenna deployments. It is designed to be easily mounted on rooftops and on street furniture such as flagpoles and lighting fixtures.

Alpha Wireless specialise in base station antennas for 3.5, 2.3GHz LTE TDD applications as well as offer special beam forming technology and MIMO based antennas to cover LTE FDD application in the traditional mobile space covering 700, 850, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600MHz bands. In addition, Alpha offer small cell technology. Real trials have shown significant throughput and sector capacity improvements when Alpha Wireless antennas are used.

Alpha Wireless are working closely with Maser Technology Group for logistics and technical support for expected Australia wide deployments early next year.