Averna’s innovative DOCSIS ensures delivery of the most robust CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) and HE (Head end) products and services. Averna’s suit of proven test and automation solutions covers all phases of product developments such as design verification, networks troubleshooting and DOCSIS certification.

DOCSIS Protocol Analysers are the industry standard for functional DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS network analysis, providing exceptional visibility into the MAC layer. Optimized for real-time signal processing with FPGA technology, the DP-1000 analyses up to 32×8 single or bonded US/DS channels (DOCSIS 3.0) and 2×1 OFDM US/DS channels (DOCSIS 3.1), with numerous channel-filtering, demodulation, triggering, display, and upgrade features. As a passive sniffer between CMTS and CPE devices, the DP-1000 silently captures and filters DOCSIS MAC-layer data in real-time to verify RF parameters, validate MAC-level communication, troubleshoot interoperability issues, and improve network performance.

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