Sage Instruments Inc., a leading supplier of Wireline and Wireless test equipment, today announced a major new software release for the UCTT 8901, the industry’s most advanced and versatile portable test instrument for base station deployment and troubleshooting. The UCTT combines a laboratory quality FFT spectrum analyzer, an innovative antenna tester and fully integrated precision power meter and backhaul test capabilities for E1/T1, and Ethernet. In addition, the UCTT provides in-depth demodulation and monitoring capabilities for all 2G, 3G and 4G technologies.


“The UCTT represents a new generation of multi-functional test tools to serve the evolving 3G and 4G wireless markets. Its powerful software radio technology will help operators more accurately assess wireless service performance and more quickly isolate problems with transmission, modulation quality and synchronization”, says Director of Marketing, Steve Glassman.


September Release Includes:


◊ New support for TDD-LTE with Channel Bandwidths of 1.4 to 20 MHz


▪ RF View, Summary View, Frame View, Subcarrier View, RB View, Modulation View, Cell-ID Scanner, MIMO Scanner, and Pass/Fail View.


◊ Enhanced FDD-LTE Capabilities


▪ New screen for OTA MIMO Scanner : Automatically detects up to 4 antenna ports per Cell_ID and provides transmission quality parameters.


▪ New metric fields in LTE Summary screen for RSSI(dBm), RSRP (dBm), RSRQ (dB), and S/N (dB).


▪ Tunable reference level control added to LTE Subcarrier View


▪ MIMO Antenna Port selection added to all applicable LTE screens


▪ New Metric fields in Cell_ID Scanner for S/N (dB) and RS Power


◊ Enhanced 2-Port Cable Analyzer


▪ New Marker capabilities for delay/phase plot


◊ Enhanced measurement/result logging with kml format


▪ Allows users to save time and location (GPS:geo-tag) of measurement and plot on map using GoogleEarth.


◊ Incorporated GPS Antenna cable detection


▪ [Yellow Indicator = detected, Green Indicator = Locked]


◊ Released UCTT Post-test Analysis PC Client Software (PTA Software)


▪ Initial release supports SA, RL, and DTF Traces


▪ Flexible markers, limit lines and annotation capabilities



With its intuitive hybrid graphical user interface combining both hard keys and soft keys, the UCTT provides unparalleled ease of use for navigation and test control. And the UCTT’s all weather rugged design will help operators deploy and troubleshoot their networks under the worst weather conditions. For UCTT product information, pricing and availability please call 831-761-1000 or visit


Sage Instruments delivers a comprehensive range of handheld, portable and system solutions to test, monitor, and troubleshoot next-generation wireless and wireline networks. Sage Instruments has been providing test technology and services for nearly 30 years and supports thousands of customers worldwide. Headquartered in Freedom, California, Sage Instruments is a privately held company, with offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit