Cisco SCE Trade-In and Migration

 Don't just replace your SCE, upgrade it to Procera

Cisco's SCE8000 is going End-of-Life. Procera has partnered with Cisco to help customers migrate to a PacketLogic solution..........

Migrate to Procera PacketLogic

  • Monitor, manage & monetize network traffic
  • Visibility of over 2500 applications
  • Scales from a few Mbps to over 600Gbps 
  • Virtualised and dedicated hardware options
  • Experienced with SCE migrations

Cisco SCE 8000 End of Life Announcement

Key Dates and Information

In April 2015, Cisco Systems announced that their SCE 8000 (Service Control Engine) was going End-of-Life (EOL) with orders only being accepted until October 1, 2015 and then support gradually reducing over the coming years.

Click on the Image to Download the Datasheet
Click on the Image to Download the Datasheet

Click on the Image to Download the Cisco End of Life Announcement

Don't just replace your SCE,
Trade-in and Upgrade to Procera

Seamless Migration to Procera PacketLogic

Now that Cisco has announced the End-of-Life for the SCE8000 products, service providers have to determine their timeline for migrating their network to an alternative solution. Procera is ready to work with you to migrate your network from the SCE to a Procera PacketLogic solution.

If you need your network migrated immediately, we have experience and can accelerate your transition. If you want to implement over time and deploy Procera side-by-side with Cisco, we can work with you to ensure that the deployment proceeds at the pace you need it to.

Procera and Maser will work with you to provide an attractive PacketLogic offer including a trade-in for your existing SCE.​

​Procera helps to make the SCE migration easy by offering:

  • Your choice of platform – hardware or virtual – that meets your specific deployment needs to grow your deployment to handle your bandwidth growth
  • Procera PacketLogic Real-Time Enforcer (PRE) software with Congestion Management software
  • Subscriber Perspective for integration into BSS/OSS/Policy systems, including Cisco’s Policy Suite that is deployed in many SCE networks
  • Traffic Perspective for classic Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) visibility for your network
  • Built-in reporting that is equivalent to the top SCE reports that you are using in your network today
  • FREE Professional Services credits to assist in migration -  can be applied to training, customized reporting, or installation and configuration services
  • Maser and Procera have successfully installed PacketLogic solutions in half of Australia's major ISPs and universities.

SCE8000 Compared to PacketLogic (PL) Platforms

Procera's PacketLogic range is the best alternative to Cisco's SCE. Why? Simply, PacketLogic lets you see more and do more because​ Procera's market leading DPI engine ( Datastream Recognition Definition Language - DRDL) supports over 2300 signatures that are updated weekly, with almost half of the signatures covering encrypted traffic. If you cannot identify the traffic, how can you act on it correctly?

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Procera PacketLogic benefits

Are you seeing your network in high resolution?

Procera's core strength is the fine-grained network visibility that they provide into network and subscriber behavior – we call it Internet Intelligence. Think of it as High Definition Big Data with a built in program guide. Procera provides more context to data than any other solution on the market – subscriber, application, content, peering, services plan, location, device, and even Quality of Experience - all sourced from Internet Intelligence Engines that can be deployed anywhere in your network.

Get Insight

Procera’s Internet Intelligence solutions provide the highest resolution analytics and reporting utilizing our unique Internet Intelligence engine to deliver tailored information to executive, customer service, marketing, and engineering audiences.

Take Action

Procera’s solutions provide operators with the tools they need to gain unparalleled insights into their network traffic and to take action to optimise their traffic, differentiate their service offerings and compete in the innovative telecom industry.

Improve Experience

Procera are here to help you create a better experience for your subscribers. The more you understand your customer’s pains, behaviors and motivations, the more you can create an experience tailored to exceed their expectations.

Reduce Costs

PacketLogic’s sophisticated congestion management, security controls, and network insights allow operators to reduce capital expenditure and operating expenses by getting more life out of their existing infrastructure - all while delivering a great subscriber experience.

Generate Revenue

Procera gives you more service options than ever before: Introduce zero-rating plans, offer multi-device and family plans, innovate with tiered service levels and data plans, and deliver kid-friendly broadband services. The options are limitless – just like your revenue potential.


PacketLogic provides the flexibility to scale from a few Mbps to 600Gbps to meet your performance  needs - for today and tomorrow. The modular design and agile deployment options help networks meet their technological and budgetary requirements without breaking the bank.

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Products & Services

Procera's Products have been split into the following groups (click on the tabs below):

  • Platforms
  • Actions
  • Perspectives
  • Presentations
  • ServiceS

Fixed and mobile broadband consumers judge their experience by how a broadband network deliver’s their individual high value content, and a network operator that lacks insight into these trends will be at a severe competitive disadvantage.

The Internet Intelligence Center enables a network operator to instantly know, respond, and flourish in the rapidly changing Internet landscape. It is made possible by the unique granularity delivered by PacketLogic solutions, which provide visibility into subscriber, application, content, device, location, and quality of experience (QoE).

Executive Insights 

Executive Insights is a powerful tool for Executive Management as it simplifies the visualization of network quality in the form of an operator ScoreCard. It enables the executives to easily see the performance and quality that their network is capable of delivering, broken down by subscriber, location, service plans and devices. The Operator’s ScoreCard measures the quality and performance of each subscriber’s network connection using the Score Perspective to measure all network traffic.

Click to Download

Click on the Image to Download the Datasheet

Click to Download Customer Care Insights

Click on the Image to Download the Datasheet

Customer Care

Customer Care Insights is a powerful tool for enabling customer care personnel to rapidly diagnose and solve customer issues on broadband data networks. Customer Care Insights provides a real-time and historical view into a subscriber’s broadband connection that can be used to isolate quality issues, usage overages, and billing disputes. The solution is tightly integrated into the operational support systems and business support systems of each operator, and can be customized through professional services to reflect the branding of the operator.

Engineering Insights

Engineering Insights is designed to provide unique perspectives on broadband network activity specifically for engineering teams. Each perspective is targeted towards a specific audience and specific aspects of network activity. Key perspectives include KPIs, Traffic types, timelines, subscriber activity, peering links, content and devices.

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Click on the Image to Download the Datasheet

Procera's PacketLogic/V virtual platform provides
full functionality without performance sacrifices

"The market for mobile network gear is a few hundred mobile operators, the market for standard hardware is basically everybody in the world. It's economies of scale at its best,"

- Benoit Hanssen (Chief Technology Officer, VHA )

IT News - Telco's scramble to virtualise network functions, 10 November 2014 (Click to read the article)

Procera's new PacketLogic/V platform offers all of the software capabilities from their PacketLogic hardware-based range - Perspectives, Presentation, and Actions - on their new virtual machine environments running on COTS hardware.

This provides ultimate flexibility in provisioning computing resources and PacketLogic software licenses to provide detailed, subscriber-centric analytics and support for intelligent, real-time policy enforcement.

Click on the Image to Download the Datasheet

Click on the Image to Download the Datasheet

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Maser’s NetworkiQ range helps our customer’s manage their networks more intelligently to reduce operational costs, increase revenues and provide a better and safer user experience. This is achieved through better visualisation, optimisation, monetarisation, testing and threat mitigation. Our NetworkiQ partners are leaders in subscriber awareness, intelligent policy control, transparent caching, energy efficiency, expense management, subscriber services, security and optical switching.

Maser NetworkiQ is part of the Maser Group who partner with leading international vendors to provide innovative solutions and services to the Australian, European, New Zealand and Pacific Island markets. Click on the following links for further information on:

NetworkiQ Partner:

  • ​WeDo - Business Assurance including Data Retention
  • Trustwave - Security Threat, Vulnerability and Compliance Management
  • Procera Networks - Internet Optimisation, Analytics and Monetarisation
  • PeerApp - Transparent Caching to reduce transit costs and improve QOS
  • TSA - Telecommunications Expense Management
  • TSO Logic - Energy efficiency through server optimisation

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