Harness the power of storage solutions with Dell Technologies

Maser assists organisations to get the most out of their primary storage through our partnership with Dell Technologies. Get the scalability, intelligence, and cloud integration you need to unlock the value of your data. Accelerate your critical workloads from core to edge to cloud while decreasing application outages and reducing storage requirements with advanced deduplication.


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PowerStore: Data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure.

You can’t know the future, but your infrastructure can be ready for it with the all-new Dell PowerStore. PowerStore’s flexible, software-driven architecture gives you consistent business results in a changing world; optimizing, protecting and scaling workloads from core to edge to cloud.

PowerStore 3.0

PowerStore 3.0

Introducing the next stage of software-driven, continuously modern storage. 120+ new features, and the largest PowerStore release to date.

  • Boost workload performance – Up to 50% more IOPS, 66% higher capacity, 8 x more volumes and 10 x faster copy operations
  • Innovate without limits – Build your enterprise vision with more data mobility, advanced file services, VMware integrations and deeper cybersecurity
  • Stay continously modern Anytime Upgrade™ keeps you forever up to date with all-inclusive software and data-in-place upgrades.
  • Adaptable Architecture – PowerStore has the scope to ensure the solution you deploy today will continue to meet your requirements in the future
  • Integrated Intelligence – PowerStore’s built in AI makes changes easy, so what starts simple stays simple. Self-optimising processes auto-tune efficiency, performance and availability without manual intervention, even as you make rapid course corrections.

Unity XT: Simple unified storage with multi-cloud.

Compelling storage for general purpose workloads. Simplify your digital transformation path with Dell Unity XT hybrid flash arrays. These storage systems are the ideal solution for running general purpose workloads that do not require the low latencies and speed of all flash/NVMe architectures. With Unity XT hybrid flash arrays, you’ll never have to compromise performance, efficiency, features or outcomes. These arrays bring high availability with dual-active controllers, simplicity with intuitive management and affordability with an all-inclusive software model that makes Unity XT HFAs easy to acquire and own.

PowerStore 3.0
  • Designed for performance – high performance data access, powerful processors, dual-active controllers
  • Optimised for efficiency – inline DR, DevOps integrations, DIP controller upgrades, simplified management
  • Built for multi-cloud – multiple cloud deployment options let you extend storage to the cloud or consume storage in the cloud

Dell Unity XT Storage Software

  • Unified storage flexibility – consolidate separate storage platforms into a single Unit XT unified storage system to easily manage file, block and VMware VVol data from a simple and intuitive (HTML5) management GUI that also connects you to CloudIQ.
  • Software-defined solutions – take advantage of low acquisition costs and large capacity options with Unity XT-software defined storage and HA for on-prem and in the cloud solutions.
  • Multi-Cloud Alignment – build and manage an effective data first multi-cloud strategy that consolidates public and private cloud resources to align with your business objectives.

Interested in a Live Optics Trial?

How to assess workload performance for data-driven IT decisions.

Understanding your unique IT environment is key to making better and faster purchasing decisions. Live optics was designed with IT and business decision makers in mind

Live optics is free online software you can use to collect, visualise and share data across your IT environment and workloads.

  • Gain transparency and define clear goals
  • Save money by shifting to a workload based consumption model
  • Save time by automating data collection.


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