Are you forced to choose between adding another silo that further complicates your secondary storage infrastructure or deleting existing data to address your growing secondary data needs?

There is another way! Cisco UCS and Cohesity joint solution offer a hyper-converged secondary storage solution that allows you to get control of all secondary data workloads, like data protection, archival, files/objects and test/dev, irrespective of whether it is on-premises, in the cloud or on the edge, on a software-defined, scale-out solution.

Maser NetworkiQ has partnered with Cohesity in Australia to help our customers eliminate secondary data storage silos.

Visit Cohesity at CiscoLive booth #E34 to talk to the experts live and see the joint solution in action. SevOne, another Maser partner, is also close by at booth #E32.

To arrange a meeting at CiscoLive please contact us at [email protected]