Maser presents Dura-Lines revolutionary pre-lubricated TorandoPlus Duct, specially designed to facilitate faster cable installation by up to 318%.

The revolutionary design of TornadoPlus* duct creates an air cushion tornado effect, imparting an increased pulling force on the cable. Since the cable rides on the air cushion (and does not touch the duct) the friction force is greatly reduced. This enables about two times longer cable blowing per operation, compared to conventional smoothwall ducts. Besides lowering cable installation costs, it ensures a faster return on investment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Consistent and faster blowing speed
  • Much longer blowable lengths in each shot
  • Decreased amount of Figure-8 construction during blowing, saving time while reducing chances of cables getting entangled
  • Enable usage of longer cable lengths/drums, hence lesser splices
  • Improved daily output of blowing (up to double) resulting in faster network rollouts
  • Lower stress on fiber
  • Quicker return on investment
  • 30% lesser pulling force required than in manual cable install
  • Integral detectable cable tracer wire is optional – no need for separate additional wire or tape
  • Any colour & custom printing available to order

Tomorrows technology you can use today!

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