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NASDAQ OMX Group Selects SevOne to Monitor its Global Network

“In our business, it’s imperative that we understand application traffic and prevent performance issues before they impact critical network services,” said Lou Modano, Senior Vice President, Global Infrastructure Services, of the NASDAQ OMX Group. “As we evaluated vendors in this space, we found SevOne had a new way to approach the collection of performance data and prediction of potential service degradation.”

Are you experiencing issues and hidden costs with Network Performance Management?

There is no shortage of Network and Application Performance Monitoring tools (open source and costed) available, however there is an increasingly common list of problems, frustrations and costs being experienced by IT and network management teams.

You may be experiencing other issues including difficulties associated with WAN utilization, speed of analysis and reporting (especially at scale), multiple vendor environments, and use of a range of performance monitoring tools rather than one that provides complete visibility.  If you’re relying on multiple tools from a variety of vendors to monitor individualized segments of your network, you’re probably paying a hefty amount in aggregated maintenance contracts. At the same time, you’re dealing with troubleshooting delays because you have to check multiple tools, and added costs that come with training new staff on each tool’s protocols.

​Performance monitoring is a lot like air travel these days. You think you know what the trip will cost when you purchase the ticket, but just wait until the hidden costs start adding up. The following table looks at additional issues and hidden costs associated with many network performance management tools (click on each heading for further details):

Storage Capacity, Costs & Retrieval Speed

Vendor Lock-In & Lack of Inter-Operability

Poorly Developed APIs increasing development times and costs

Scalability Limitations Leading to Increased Downtime and Revenue Loss

Additional Staffing Costs

Add-On Modules Required at Additional Cost

Architectectural Deployment & Costs

SevOne All-in-One Infrastructure Monitoring

Unparalleled Visibility

Our customers use SevOne to monitor over 250 billion performance metrics a day.
365 Days a year — Non Stop.

Detecting and avoiding performance events before they impact their business.

SevOne provides real-time performance views of your entire hybrid infrastructure -- including networks, applications, servers, storage, and environmentals.........all from a single screen.

​SevOne provides the only network monitoring platform, engineered for Speed at Scale. The patented SevOne Cluster architecture leverages distributed computing to scale infinitely and collect millions of objects to provide real-time reporting down to the second and help organizations prevent outages. SevOne customers include seven of the world’s 13 largest banks, enterprises, CSPs, MSPs and MSOs.

Unique Value Proposition

A Cost Effective Alternative

Unlike the airlines, SevOne won’t stick you with hidden costs once you’re on board. This comprehensive performance monitoring solution can help you cost-justify an upgrade to a new platform by eliminating most, or even all, of the ancillary and hidden costs that may be associated with your current system.

Migrating to a modern performance monitoring solution can be as easy as putting a SevOne appliance in your data center, plugging in the power cord and the Ethernet cable, and watching the platform discover what’s on your network. The SevOne infrastructure monitoring solution provides cost predictability and avoids the budgetary pitfalls of other approaches by eliminating the hidden costs.

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SevOne Applications



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More and more of today’s service delivery environments are moving to hyperscale-based infrastructures. This creates a tidal wave of data and information that needs to be monitored and analyzed, including performance metrics, data flows & logs.SevOne helps achieve this goal by removing visibility gaps and providing true speed at scale that allows you to leverage the power of integrated metrics, flows and logs.

With SevOne, users can now understand what happened (metrics), quickly pivot to understand why it happened (logs) and see who it happened to (flows) -- all in one integrated infrastructure monitoring system.

  Zlatko Zahirovic, Manager of Wireless Network Connectivity Engineering Bell Mobility

With SevOne, we trust 100% of our performance data. I can’t say that about other vendors we’ve worked with.



By providing a single, easy-to-use dashboard that seamlessly integrates metrics, flows and logs, the SevOne Performance Appliance (PAS) provides true Speed at Scale – so you get access to all your data in real-time, for continuous service delivery insight.

SevOne PAS is today’s fastest, most scalable and most comprehensive data collection, monitoring, reporting and analysis solution. Each appliance is capable of monitoring performance metrics and flow data -- all while scaling to support billions of monitored objects as part of a SevOne ClusterTM. When integrated with the SevOne Performance Log Appliance, SevOne PAS becomes your single dashboard for integrated performance metrics, flows and logs across the entire infrastructure.

SevOne Perf Appliance Solution Image

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  Emil Buitrago , Advanced Network Operator - Cablevision

SevOne has been a blessing. We can now get weeks worth of data in seconds.



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Today’s complex infrastructures are creating unprecedented amounts of data to be monitored and analyzed. As a result, the ability to quickly troubleshoot is now paramount. By providing real-time flow analysis, SevOne Dedicated NetFlow Collector (DNC) helps you pinpoint potential problems on the spot.

​SevOne DNC, not only allows you to quickly and easily spot bandwidth hogs and wasteful traffic; it also gives you insight into how specific applications are using your network. This information is critical when it comes to prioritizing traffic and creating policies that help eliminate waste.



SevOne PLA automatically converts raw logs into measureable performance log metrics, with real-time thresholds and first occurrence alerts on log activity. Available in physical or virtual appliances, it can be integrated with a SevOne ClusterTM for integrated metrics, flows and logs with one-click, metric-to-log integration, or it can deploy as a standalone.

SevOne PLA automatically converts raw logs into measureable performance log metrics, with real-time thresholds and first occurrence alerts on log activity. Available in physical or virtual appliances, it can be integrated with a SevOne ClusterTM for integrated metrics, flows and logs with one-click, metric-to-log integration, or it can deploy as a standalone.

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  Victor Hsiang, Information Security Officer at GATX 

SevOne PLA has been a valuable resource for understanding the behavior of our end users, customers, applications, network and overall IT infrastructure.

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Maser’s NetworkiQ range helps our customer’s manage their networks more intelligently to reduce operational costs, increase revenues and provide a better and safer user experience. This is achieved through better visualisation, optimisation, management, monetarisation, testing and threat mitigation. Our NetworkiQ partners are leaders in subscriber awareness, intelligent policy control, transparent caching, energy efficiency, expense management, subscriber services, security and optical switching.

Maser NetworkiQ is part of the Maser Group who partner with leading international vendors to provide innovative solutions and services to the Australian, European, New Zealand and Pacific Island markets. Click on the following links for further information on:

NetworkiQ Partners:

  • WeDo - Business Assurance including Data Retention
  • Trustwave - Security Threat, Vulnerability and Compliance Management
  • Procera Networks - Internet Optimisation, Analytics and Monetarisation
  • PeerApp - Transparent Caching to reduce transit costs and improve QOS
  • TSA - Telecommunications Expense Management
  • SevOne - Network Performance Management at scale

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