Maser RF Solutions is part of the Maser Australia group, which is a trusted provider of advanced technology solutions sourced from our network of leading international suppliers across the telecommunications, enterprise, industrial and defence sectors. Maser’s business is comprised of 6 key service streams including RF Solutions, Network iQ, Service Assurance, Cable, LED Solutions and Defence.

The RF Solutions team specialise in cellular, UHF, VHF, LTE, 5G, LoRaWAN and Public Safety. Our RF team has many years of experience in providing solutions to meet all your construction requirements.

With over 40 years of industry experience, Maser service a wide-ranging customer base including key mobile operators, major ISP’s, state and federal government departments, emergency services, utilities, major industries. Maser provides our customers with extensive market and product expertise, quality, reliability, diversity, specialised services and advance technologies, allowing us to provide our end customers with the best solution to meet their requirements, no matter how challenging.


Maser One-Stop Procurement Service

Maser can provide a cost and resource effective ‘one-stop-shop’ type service to customers looking for a single supplier to provide their RF network components. Maser provide this service using their own stable of world leading suppliers and will source from other vendors as needed to simplify the procurement process.

Maser Supply & Commercial Agreements

Maser has extensive capabilities and experience in negotiating supply agreements. Maser is an active supplier to, and importantly have supply agreements in place with, the many telecommunications service providers in Australia including Telstra, SingTel Optus, Vodafone, Vocus/M2 and TPG. We also have agreements in place with many of the major network build contractors involved with rolling out and maintaining RF sites across Australia.

Maser Logistics

Maser has extensive logistics capabilities and experience that is required to fulfill major network roll-out requirements in a timely manner. We use a pool of freight forwarders to keep freight costs down, have our own warehouses for storing network equipment and spares, and are experienced at delivering large items (e.g. base station antennas) around Australia.