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Sandvine’s Intelligent Traffic Manager (ITMS) Launch at PITA2021


Sandvine ITMS is being launched in our region at PITA 2021. ITMS is a cost effective solution that combines accurate traffic visibility with extensive network control to optimise network costs and to improve application performance and user QoE.


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Data Traffic Increasing Exponentially

Sandvine offers the industry’s most precise congestion management solution, enables network operators to balance the traffic and distribute network capacity fairly between users to ensure maximum delivered QoE.

Poor Video Streaming

Sandvine enforces intelligent rate limits on a per stream basis, ensuring fairness and reducing the average bitrate per stream without  compromising quality.

Difficult to Identify
Encrypted Traffic

Sandvine’s industry leading traffic signature recognition and Classification Engine is built with advanced machine learning that employs multiple techniques to identify and categorise encrypted traffic.

How to Manage Data Traffic Effectively

ITMS combines best-in-class traffic classification with contextual awareness – device, application, local and QoE – to deliver fine grained traffic management.

Network Optimisation

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Modern and increasingly complex radio networks are more dependent than ever on the quality of the RF elements. Maser’s market leading ranges of RF components covers cellular, LTE, 5G, UHF, VHF, LoRaWAN and Public Safety solutions including antennas (small cell, macro indoor/outdoor and DAS).

Maser RF Connec

 In addition, the quality of experience of users is enhanced further through our range of quality network components (feeder cables, connectors, compressions tools, filters, jumpers and combiners), and design and test tools (including antenna alignment and PIM testers).

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Reducing MTTR is Key to Saving Time & Money, and Improving QoE

Reducing MTTR (Mean Time To Resolution) is a key objective for network operators. Reducing MTTR directly contributes to an improved end-user QoE and cost savings. Reducing MTTR is contingent on rapidly identifying the sources of performance degradations, which enables the appropriate IT team to undertake resolution, and this is where Accedian’s high quality performance management solutions help network operators.

Reducing MTTR for Network Performance Issues

KPIs that Reduce MTTR

CSPs and IT network operators typically only use a few KPIs such as delay, packet loss, delay variation, and mean opinion score (MOS).

However, these are just the tip of the iceberg! Many more KPIs exist to help you pinpoint performance problems quickly, and reduce mean time to innocence (MTTI) and/or mean time to repair (MTTR). 

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