Let there be intelligent light.

Lumiqs Intelligent LED High Bays

From the factory to the warehouse and cold store, Lumiqs Intelligent LED lighting provides better, brighter lighting coupled with significant energy cost savings.

Energy costs are routinely one of the biggest overheads faced by any business, with lighting often accounting for up to 40% of the total electricity spend.

Intelligent lighting systems offer the opportunity to significantly cut energy costs by up to 90% when compared to less efficient technologies such as incandescent, fluorescent or high intensity discharge lighting. This is achieved firstly by using ultra energy efficient LED light sources and employing intelligent motion sensor technology to ensure that the lighting only illuminates when it is required.

Lumiqs offer integrated, out-of-the-box solutions which are suitable for commercial and industrial lighting needs, from warehousing and cold storage, to manufacturing and retail.

Intelligent LED High Bay Solutions

Simply managed for efficiency, comfort & safety.


Range of Intelligent LED Highbays

  • 110W 13,000lm Intelligent LED Highbay
    • 110W, 13,000lm, Efficacy 118lm/W, CCT 4000K or 5000K
    • Product Ref : HBL13K4KC3PIRG-EU-M-W or HBL13K5KC3PIRG-EU-M-W
  • 180W 24,000lm Intelligent LED Highbay
    • 180W, 24,000lm, Efficacy 133lm/W, CCT 4000K or 5000K
    • Product Ref : HBL24K4KC3PIRG-EU-M-W or HBL24K5KC3PIRG-EU-M-W
  • 235W 30,000lm Intelligent LED Highbay
    • 235W, 30,000lm, Efficacy 128lm/W, CCT 4000K or 5000K
    • Product Ref : HBL30K4KC3PIRG-EU-M-W or HBL30K5KC3PIRG-EU-M-W

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Typical Applications

  • Warehouse, manufacturing, cold storage and large retail applications.
  • Mounting heights of 6 metres and upwards.
  • Wide area, aisle, crossroad or T-junction illumination requirements.

Illumination Options


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