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100% of the lighting for 10% of the cost.

Digital Lumens’ next-generation, LED-based lighting systems deliver 100% of the light for 10% of the energy cost. The result? Our customers dramatically reduce the cost of lighting their facilities, gain precise control over where, when and how much light is available, and slash their carbon footprint.

Superior performance, reliability, and ROI.

Digital Lumens’ solutions provide superior operational performance, reliability and durability. By decreasing both energy consumption and ongoing maintenance, customers can achieve a rapid return on investment (ROI), and can invest the dollars saved in other areas of their businesses.

More than next-generation lighting.

Digital Lumens is delivering connected lighting solutions that redefine customers’ performance and energy consumption expectations and, more importantly, create the ideal platform for distributed building intelligence utilising IoT sensors. to provide unprecedented business insight and building control at your fingertips.

“In addition to impressive energy savings, LightRules gives us detailed information on the savings and justification to retrofit additional facilities in a timely manner,” says Engineering Project Manager Ramana Haran.


“Further, having operational data about occupancy patterns – down to usage patterns in particular aisles and rooms – provides a valuable perspective on how our facilities operate, how we can support our staff, and how we can further optimise inventory placement.”

Intelligent LED Fixtures

Digital Lumens portfolio of high-bay and linear LED fixtures deliver cost savings and our patented intelligence


Our award-winning portfolio of high-bay and linear LED fixtures deliver our patented intelligence to a broad range of commercial and industrial environments, featuring:

  • Wireless integration with lighting control and management software
  • Occupancy sensing provides light when and where needed
  • Daylight harvesting adjusts light output based on ambient light
  • Full-range dimming for visual comfort and optimal savings
  • Rotatable light bars enable custom light distribution
  • Integrated power metering measures and validates energy use


LED Fixtures Guide

Proven to reduce lighting-related energy costs by up to 90%, the Intelligent Lighting System from Digital Lumens features an award-winning portfolio of LED fixtures that deliver our patented intelligence to a broad range of applications.

Click on the image above to download the LED Fixture Guide

LED High Bay Fixture

Click on the images below to download the datasheet for each fixture

CLE – For Maximum Efficiency

With an industry-leading efficacy of 160 lumens per Watt, CLEs offer a cost-effective alternative to uncontrolled LED, fluorescent, and HID fixtures.

DLE – For Maximum Flexibility

Proven to offer superior performance and efficiency in the world’s most demanding customer environments, DLEs offer a wide variety of lumen output, optic, and light distribution options. In addition to being the only high bay LED fixture with adjustable direct/indirect lighting, DLEs offer emergency lighting capability to enhance employee safety and ensure regulatory compliance with automated life-safety testing and reporting.

ILE – For Challenging Environments

Featuring a watertight IP65 rating and rugged design, ILE fixtures are ideal for extreme temperature installations, wet locations, and more.


Digital Lumens innovative SiteWorx technology combines connected lighting, IoT sensors, and software to create next-generation smart buildings.


A Simple, Scalable Smart Building Solution

The IoT isn’t just the future of business intelligence, but the present. Through connected lighting and a wealth of sensors, SiteWorx transforms any building, facility, or enterprise into a source of insightful, actionable data.

Control and optimize energy usage, monitor and maintain peak environmental conditions, or track and leverage occupancy data to hone operations. With SiteWorx, it’s easy to customize, launch, and expand sensor-based IoT solutions that improve cost efficiency, productivity, and safety across your organization.

SiteWorx Resources

Click on the images to access videos, datasheets, case studies etc

Video: SiteWorx Intelligence Overhead

Video: Using Smart Lighting To Reduce Operation Costs?

Datasheet: SiteWorx

Image of SiteWorx Datasheet


Lighting Control & Business Intelligence


Discover how LightRules can transform your business

For thousands of Digital Lumens customers across the globe, cost efficiency is just the beginning. Intelligent LED fixtures and our innovative lighting control & business intelligence platform also drive workforce productivity, and create a safer and more engaging work environment.

Standard LightRules Features:
• Occupancy & daylight sensing configuration
• Advanced dimming capabilities
• Coordinated lighting control
• Automated lighting profiles & scheduling
• Permission-based user roles
• On-demand control via LightRules Mobile
• System health & diagnostics reporting
• Automated, code-compliant emergency lighting tests
• Analytics dashboard
• Interactive energy and occupancy reports
• Automated LightRules email report
• One-year subscription to Maintenance & Support plan.

LED Solutions News


Digital Lumens Facility Wellness solutions

Digital Lumens Facility Wellness solutions

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Maser introduce new Plug & Play LED from ACE

Maser introduce new Plug & Play LED from ACE

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Digital Lumens are expanding their CLE Family!

Digital Lumens are expanding their CLE Family!

In latest news from Maser LED Solutions - Digital Lumens are expanding their CLE Family! 2 new additions to the CLE family will be available in the coming months, to address new mounting height applications and new illumination levels, while delivering the same,...


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