Cloud Based IIOT Lighting Solutions

How the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Can Improve Your Business Operations?


  • What are the IIoT Opportunities?
  • Where is IIoT Data Captured?
  • Can I Justify an IIoT Investment?
  • Why is Lighting so Popular in IIoT Discussions?

What are the IIoT Opportunities?

The installation of intelligent LED lighting containing embedded sensors paired with a lighting software application can achieve up to 90% in energy savings. Facility-wide environmental monitoring enables temperature and relative humidity readings to safeguard perishable products and improve workplace comfort. Usage data indicates when machinery or a facility itself needs preventative maintenance, helping to reduce downtime and unexpected repair challenges and costs.

Where is IIoT Data Captured?

IIoT-enabled software applications like SiteWorx Tune and SiteWorx Sense pull data from the cloud-based platform and display it in on easy-to-read dashboard

Can I Justify an IIoT Investment?

Through a combination of advanced controls such as task tuning and daylight harvesting, an intelligent LED lighting system can drive lighting-related energy savings of up to 90%. Over time, these savings can more than justify the switch from traditional lighting, or basic LEDs, to intelligent LED lighting.

Why is Lighting so Popular in IIoT Discussions?

Intelligent LEDs provide considerable energy savings and rapid return on IIoT investments making them a favourable choice in smart building technology.


IIoT is here to stay and offers unparalleled opportunities for organizations to gain new insights into operational and energy efficiency. Its disruptive potential is massive, as industry-leading organizations leverage intelligence to wring inefficiencies out of business operations, all while securing significant competitive advantages.


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