Smart LED Highbay Lighting

What is Smart Lighting?

Lighting with the use of sensors to make sure light is needed when required, the remainder of the time is to be saving you money.

Features of Smart Lighting

Occupancy Sensing is the number one way to save on lighting energy consumption. Maser uses sensors on individual light fittings to further reduce energy consumption rather than banks of lights connected to one sensor. Daylight sensors are the second best way to maximise savings from your lighting. Again, Maser uses sensors on individual lights to make sure the required level of light always meets ours customers requirements and operations are not disrupted.

Benefits of Smart Lighting

Savings, Savings, Savings!! Maser has a long history with sensor based LED lighting. Through our knowledge and expertise, we aim to maximise savings without compromising facility operations affected by insufficient lighting systems. Maser’s smart lighting is flexible and allows for multiple configurations from occupancy to daylight control. We offer additional service and support to ensure lighting is something your operations team can forget, and instead focus efforts on the core activities in your warehouse.


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