GMK Logistics is one of Australia’s leading logistics suppliers to the flooring industry and the construction of their new distribution centre at Gregory Hills, NSW is testament to the company’s vision for a long term sustainable future both with their clients and the environment.

GMK were specific that the facility’s lighting needed to meet the required lighting levels in the most energy efficient manner and after vetting many brands, the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System from Maser stood out as the only choice.

Using integrated occupancy and daylight sensors, the Digital Lumens Intelligent LED fixtures have been customised by Maser to deliver light only where and when needed, drastically reducing proposed kWh consumption estimates of standard LED fixtures.

The GMK Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System consists of 192 Intelligent LED fixtures and LightRules, a wireless lighting management system that communicates individually with each fixture to send user defined operating profiles and also to collect usage data.

Through LightRules, GMK can review lighting expenditure by time range, date range or specific areas which allows them to tailor lighting conditions to suit different shifts and tasks. An example of the system flexibility is evident above the First Aid Room, where GMK have zoned specific fixtures and manipulated their active and inactive operation to keep the area safely illuminated at all times therefore meeting Work Health & Safety practices and energy efficiency goals.

Digital Lumens – it pays to be Intelligent!

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