A National Automotive parts distributor has again chosen Maser and our Intelligent LED Fixtures, this time to transform the role lighting plays at their South Australian distribution centre. With several company sites experiencing significantly improved lighting levels and drastically reduced energy consumption from upgrading to Digital Lumens, the client has a vision to extend this solution across their entire DC network.

Maser will install and commission the Intelligent LED fixtures to suit lighting requirements whether that be in warehousing aisles, sortation areas or loading docks. Intelligent LED fixtures allow the end user to customise their lighting profile to suit the task at hand, as opposed to simply accepting the on/off limitations of HID or Dumb LED fixtures. Intelligent LED lighting drives maximum savings because you illuminate an area with as much light as it needs for as long as it needs it. Say goodbye to wasting money on lighting vacant spaces and choose Digital Lumens Intelligent LED Lighting from Maser.