Maser has completed the installation and commissioning of a 750kVa Powerstar Voltage Optimisation system at the Albury SS&A Club. The Club shortlisted several Voltage Optimisation suppliers and carefully considered proposals from each before choosing the Powerstar Max solution from Maser.
The Powerstar Max solution delivers an exceptional return on investment for the Club with a guaranteed kWh saving of 14.1% resulting in a 1 Year 8 Month payback period.
Voltage Optimisation represents an attractive energy efficient investment for licensed venues because there is a significant energy saving to be achieved from a relatively small capital outlay. There is also secondary savings achieved from reduced maintenance and replacement costs by optimising incoming voltage and prolonging the life of valuable electrical equipment.
For further information on how Voltage Optimisation can reduce your energy consumption, contact Maser today on 1300 130 722 or [email protected]