Maximise lighting energy saving in high occupancy areas with Progressive Dimming from Maser. A new feature on LightRules from Digital Lumens is the ability to change how long, in seconds, it takes for our system to dim the lights up or down.

On production lines there are limited ways to reduce lighting energy consumption through occupancy sensors for three reasons. Firstly, end users generally do not want lights to shut off completely when no movement is detected beneath them for safety reasons. Secondly, they can be concerned that occupancy controlled lights flashing on and off will distract employees. Thirdly, production lines tend to be very high occupancy so a very short timeout is required.

With Progressive Dimming we can squeeze out additional energy savings over our competitors with clever use of lighting controls. Some example settings would be: an active level of 100%, an inactive level of 25%, with a 30 second delay and 30 second dim down. The inactive level of 25% allows the workers to have light around where they are working, not just darkness. The 30 second delay, too low for fluorescents, means the fitting starts saving energy as soon as the dim starts, perfect for high occupancy areas.

Have a look at what these setting looks like in a real factory;

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