With the recent opening of EMSc-Powerstar’s Australian office earlier this year, Maser has been appointed a distributor for the energy-saving Powerstar voltage optimization system. Matt Young, general manager of Maser, said the Powerstar range is the market leader as it is tailored to the client’s requirements and comes with guaranteed energy savings. Powerstar will save clients money from improved energy consumption and also from maintenance with the potential for electrical equipment failure reduced. Maser are excited to be able to add the Powerstar voltage optimization system to its efficiency efficient solutions range as they are passionate about providing energy efficiency solutions and supplying cost effective energy to their customers. Voltage optimization is a highly effective energy saving technique that has an excellent payback period. The technology has a significant impact on the amount of energy used because it brings the voltage supplied by the grid in line with what is actually required Maser is now the distributor for NSW , VIC and New Zealand. For further information on the Powerstar range please contact Maser on 1300 130 722.