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Case Studies

The great news about Maser’s range of Intelligent LED Lighting solutions is that there are many case studies that clearly state the savings achieved.


Importantly, utilising the latest energy efficient technology from Maser does not involve accepting a compromised quality of service.

Compare the Sealanes before and after pictures to see the difference.




For thousands of Digital Lumens customers across the globe, energy efficiency is just the beginning. Our innovative Intelligent LED fixtures and sensor-based smart building applications also drive productivity and create a safer, more engaging work environment.

LightRules® Lighting Control and Business Intelligence Platform


Next-generation analytics, features and functionality combine to improve productivity, safety, and efficiency through multi-strategy smart building solutions, including:

1. Software-Based Lighting Control

1. Software-Based Lighting Control

  • Maximize & validate energy savings with software-based control strategies.
  • Reduce downtime & maintenance with wireless controls and diagnostics to avoid disrupting operations.
  • Ensure employee safety & comfort by leveraging advanced dimming and other lighting configurations to accommodate specific lighting needs. Guarantee safety and code compliance with automated testing and reporting of emergency lighting hardware.

2. Space Optimization

2. Space Optimization

  • Optimize traffic flow by leveraging heatmap reports for increased safety and efficiency.
  • Manage facility layout using occupancy data to re-purpose underutilized real estate and reduce production bottlenecks.
  • Increase security using occupancy reports to identify and locate activity during off-hours or in restricted areas.

3. Energy Management & Planning

3. Energy Management & Planning

  • Increase operational visibility with complete energy usage data from all equipment in the production line.
  • Improve business planning by monitoring energy trends over time. Track progress toward energy savings goals or project ROI and allocate production costs to departments or product lines.
  • Reduce Downtime by identifying deteriorating equipment and perform preventive maintenance.
Intelligent LED high bay fixtures

LED High Bay Lighting

Designed for a variety of industrial and commercial environments, Digital Lumens’ award-winning portfolio of intelligent high bay LED lighting fixtures offers intelligent solutions with industry-leading performance and efficiency.

Download the Fixture Selection Guide for an overview of all high bay fixtures from Digital Lumens.



With an industry-leading efficacy of 160 lumens per Watt, CLE fixtures offer a cost-effective alternative to uncontrolled LED, fluorescent, and HID fixtures.



For maximum flexibility, DLEs are high-performance alternatives for traditional HID and fluorescent high bay fixtures (HID, HPS, T5HO, and T8HO).



For challenging environments, ILEs feature an IP65 rating and a variety of optics alternatives for different application types.



Designed for hazardous locations, HLEs deliver Digital Lumens intelligence and efficiency to facilities requiring Class I Div2, Class II Div2, and Class III fixtures.

Digital Lumens High Bay Fixture Guide

Digital Light Agents (DLA) modular sensors

Digital Light Agents | DLAs

Make Any Light Intelligent

Digital Light Agents (DLAs) extend Digital Lumens’ patented intelligence to virtually any fixture by any manufacturer. Adaptable for a broad range of applications, DLAs deliver:

Maximum energy savings via integrated sensing, wireless networking, and software optimization,

Performance validation with utility-grade energy metering,

Optimal illumination levels for task performance and safety, and

A real-time stream of actionable facility usage and environmental data.

DLAs are standalone multi-strategy controls equipped with occupancy and daylight sensors, and full-range dimming capability. Once retrofitted with DLAs, the lighting behavior of an individual fixture or group of fixtures can be fine-tuned to provide the right amount of light for the task below. Each DLA communicates wirelessly with LightRules, providing detailed operational insight to optimize savings and productivity facility-wide.

Click on the DLA models below to download their datasheet:

DLA-I - Designed to integrate directly into third-party fixtures.

DLA-S - Designed for mounting on a NEMA 4 junction box in challenging environments.

DLA-R - Designed for mounting on a standard junction box or through a ceiling tile.

DLA-E - Designed to integrate into the Philips EvoKit SR retrofit line.

LED ROADWAY LIGHTING is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of LED-based street lighting and control systems, including smart street lighting solutions with leading smart grid technology partners.

LED ROADWAY LIGHTING help municipalities and utilities around the world to save an average of 60% in energy costs versus conventional technology.

NXT Series - For roadway/street lighting, parking areas, and outdoor areas

NXT Series



The modular design of LED Roadway Lighting's NXT  series allows users to easily upgrade or replace light engines or power supplies, without tools, in less than one minute. Light engines can be replaced in the field as LED efficiencies increase in the future, allowing users to prolong the useful life of lighting infrastructure, benefit from energy savings, and reduce total life-cycle costs. NXT also gives users the ability to change optical distribution patterns and is ideal for roadway/street lighting, parking areas, and general outdoor area lighting applications.

Lights are available in three sizes: NXT-C (12 LEDs), NXT-S (12, 24, & 36 LEDs) and NXT-M (48, 60, & 72 LEDs). The NXT-S luminaire was selected as "Best in Class – Local Residential Roadway Lighting" in the Next Generation Luminaires™ (NGL) 2013 Design Competition. The NGL Awards promote "technical innovation and recognize excellence in the design of energy-efficient LED luminaires". NXT was also selected for inclusion in the prestigious IES Progress Report, recognizing LRL's "unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting" (2013 and 2014).


LED Roadways NXT Series Datasheet

NXT Lite Series - for residential roadway applications


NXT Lite Series


The NXT-Lite incorporates the same award-winning performance and reliability features that utilities and municipalities have come to expect at a competitive price. The NXT-Lite is a utility-friendly luminaire designed for residential roadway applications requiring up to a 100W high pressure sodium replacement.

NXT-Lite features a tool-less, replaceable light engine and power supply (door-mounted). It is available with two (1-10V dimming) drive current options as well as a DALI driver option. Color temperatures offered are 4000K (standard) or 3000K. Other features include a 7-pin ANSI C136.41 receptacle, 2 or 4-bolt fitter option, an optional house-side shield, and a post-top mounting bracket.

LED Roadways NXT-Lite Datasheet

Satellite Series - For roadways, bridges, causeways, parking lots & perimeter lighting


Satellite Series


Satellite Series luminaires are designed for maximum performance, reliability, and durability. The one-piece luminaire housing uses a patented, fin-based thermal management system which allows for maximum heat dissipation. The fin construction also prevents the accumulation of debris, and easily sheds water, snow and ice. The unique angled light engines deliver maximum target lumens, and also make Satellite an ideal choice in applications with wide pole spacing (up to 60 m / 200 ft).

The power supply is designed and manufactured in-house using high reliability, specification-grade components. Satellite Series luminaires boast energy savings of up to 60%, and are ideal for all roadway applications, bridges, causeways, parking lots and perimeter lighting. Satellite is available in two sizes - SAT-S (24 & 48 LEDs) and SAT-M (72 & 96 LEDs) and is suitable for replacing existing 70-400 watt HPS/MH luminaires.

LED Roadways Satellite Series Datasheet

LED Roadways Lighting Control - Stand-alone, single and multi-application


LED Roadways Lighting Control

Latitude IQ is a non-networked control solution designed for performance, reliability, and simplicity. Latitude IQ replaces a traditional photocell and mates with ANSI C136.41 compliant receptacles. Latitude IQ turns luminaires on and off based on GPS location (Global Positioning System), and time data and is also capable of dimming (factory programmed). Because Latitude IQ can be installed without the need for "back-end" monitoring and control infrastructure, it is an economical and reliable control solution.


Economical: No "back-end" infrastructure or software required.
Reliable: Replaces traditional photocells, a common failure point.
Accurate: ON/OFF/DIM time accuracy to within a few seconds.
Dimming is programmable to the minute.
Energy savings: Factory programmed dimming.
Flexible: Up to 6 different light level events/shifts can be programmed per night.
Trimming: "ON/OFF" is not triggered by ambient light sensing.
Energy savings can be obtained by "to the minute" on/off timing.

 Lattitude IQ Datasheet

Lumen IQ is a wireless monitoring and control system that allows municipalities and utilities to manage their street lighting inventory, dim luminaires according to user-defined schedules for energy savings, measure energy consumption, and identify and action maintenance events such as luminaire outages. The Lumen IQ Central Management System (CMS) has been used by municipal, utility and other end users in Canada, the U.S., and abroad.


Lumen IQ allows municipalities and utilities to reduce energy costs by allowing for the creation of user-defined dimming schedules that can be set based on known vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic patterns. Up to 10 different light level events/shifts can be programmed per night.


Dimming capabilities for additional energy savings.
Tracks and reports energy savings.
Tracks and reports luminaire outages.
Provides a burn hour report.
Provides constant lumen output.
Provides detailed maintenance emails.
Reduces luminaire off time.

 Lumen IQ Datasheet

In conjunction with technology partners, LED Roadways Lighting provide smart street lighting solutions to utility and municipal clients. The combination of their award-winning luminaires and technology partners' leadership in smart grid networking technology allows users to manage street light assets, meters, and grid automation and demand response infrastructure on the same network. Visibility into street light operation enables condition-based maintenance, remote operation for safety and security, and the ability to adjust and manage lighting options based on the public's need, at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. They offer an internal network interface card (NIC) or external (node) solutions using either star or mesh network topologies.


Energy savings up to 75% (or more, with dimming).

Lowest total operating cost.
Maintenance management costs are reduced.
Communicate and control other grid-connected devices.
Load shifting and balancing.
Leverages deployed smart grid.
Reliable, secure, and scalable.
Wireless control and reporting of the luminaire asset base.

VERDE LED specialises in the design and manufacture of commercial energy saving LED lighting solutions

VERDE LED optimise product development to ensure that the product supplied is of premium grade with the highest quality components, longest warranties and highest output per watt on the market.

Verde LED - Round High Bay and Panel Lights


VERDE LED Lighting

verde-enterpriseeEnterprise, Round High Bay Lights


Serenity, Panel Lights


Serenity Panel Lights



HPWINNER has developed a series of modular LED lighting products based on top-of-the-line patented IP68 LED modules.

HPWINNER's range includes street lights, high bay lights, tunnel lights, flood/spot lights, garden lights, shoebox and wall-packs, which are CE, UL, TUV, SAA, CCC, CQC, CB, DLC and RoHS approved.

HPWINNER - Floodlights

HPWINNER Flood Lights

Flood Light FL2C Series


  • hpwinner-tennis-court-austFlip-chip technology, single unit’s damage won't affect other units’ normal work
  • IP68 LED optical engine, highest waterproof rating, screw-free design
  • Multiple light distributions available
  • Intelligent constant current driver, long life span
  • Quick waterproof connectors
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • Adjustable range ±360 Degree


  • Facade and building lighting
  • Factory lighting
  • Area & Storage lighting
  • Parking Lot

HP Winner FL2C Datasheet

Wall Pack FL6C Series


  • Easy tool onsite maintenancehpwinner-warehouse-australia
  • Whole structure cooling technology, high efficient heat dissipation
  • Double-coupling IP68 protection, highest waterproof level
    Intelligent constant current driving technology
    long life span
  • Ergonomic light distribution to achieve uniform illuminating effect
  • Mounting bracket adjustable within ±90 degree


  • Tunnel lighting
  • Wall lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Pathway lighting
  • Walkways lighting

 HPWinner FL6C Datasheet

Maser Professional Services

Maser provides an extensive range of professional services to ensure our customers get the right solution for their lighting requirements, that the solution is installed in a timely manner by qualified and experienced personnel and that customers receive the maximum return from their investment over its lifecycle.

Site Analysis


A detailed site analysis ensures that both Maser and our customers fully understand their existing lighting situation and/or power profile, and importantly, it provides a baseline for measuring energy efficiency improvements post installation. This is especially important when suppliers such as PowerStar offer guaranteed savings.

Lighting Design & Consultancy


Maser utilises trained in-house resources to undertake illumination modelling and independent lighting engineers for detailed designs and lighting drawings. Together these two capabilities ensure that our customers receive the best solution from both an illumination and power saving perspectives for their unique lighting requirement.
Project Management

Maser assigns an in-house project manager to each energy efficiency project to successfully ensure that projects are delivered in a timely manner that meet or exceed our customers expectations. Our project managers have overall responsibility for the project from Maser's side and are responsible for:

Coordinating resources from all parties

Detailed project plans and timelines

Organising project meetings as required

Handover, documentation and training 

Installation & Commissioning


 Maser utilise in-house and sub-contractor resources to install and commission our energy efficiency projects around Australia. 


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